Since our first post from dfLIZ took a perspicacious* look back at where we started, I thought it only fitting to now look ahead — to David Archuleta’s first solo tour, starting Tuesday.

brief intermission for group cartwheel, marching band and ticker-tape parade

Was it only nine short months ago that we first saw David rise through the mist to the Idol Tour stage? In such a short time, he’s gone from tentative A.I. tour dance steps and shy song introductions to scarf-flying, Archustomping Jingle Ball intensity and asking the audience for requests. What’s next? Crowd surfing?

To refresh my memory of David’s first headliner performance, in Albany, I took a look at what I posted back then: …Being so close, I really got to see how self-assured and masterful he is on stage. It’s his domain, his world, and when he takes that first step into the spotlight, he rules, make no mistake. It’s not that he’s older when he sings — he’s ageless, timeless, utterly unique and yet everyman.

For this tour, the new band members talk about new arrangements, great energy.

Here’s my tour wish list:
1) The shortest opening act set ever (sorry, Lesley, nothing personal).
2) We hear as many bonus tracks as possible, along with My Hands and Barriers. (Actually, does not matter. Phonebook? Sure.)
3) Long rambly “novel-blogger” David chats in between songs. Or, better yet, a Q&A.
4) An a cappella encore becoming David’s tour signature.

Have I missed anything?


* As a nod to Rascal, I found this in my thesaurus.