What is Jump5? And more importantly, why did young David meet them almost a decade ago? Read on to find out 🙂


      Jump5 was a popular U.S. Christian Dance-pop group who got their start in 1999 in Nashville, TN and later signed onto Sparrow Records in 2001. They established themselves via Radio Disney, having a string of #1 Radio Disney hits before Raven and Hilary Duff started ruling the charts. In 2005, Jump5 temporarily recorded independently through self-established Nevaeh Records, and then signed with Slanted Records in 2007. Over their career, Jump5 sold over 1.4 million records

According to AllMusicGuide

With big choruses, dynamic songs, and a family-friendly vibe, Jump5 debuted on the Christian pop scene in 2001. The five teenagers weren’t even old enough to drive, and their youthful enthusiasm and naïve sensibilities made them a parent-friendly alternative to the increasingly sex-driven sounds of other teen pop acts. The group was not one of the studio-made pop bands that had been dominating mainstream radio since the late ’90s. Instead, their story began when brother and sister Brandon and Brittany Hargest joined the same dance class as Lesley Moore. The three were only toddlers at the time, but their similar interests and talents turned them into fast friends. Over the subsequent years, Libby Hodges and Chris Fedun joined the trio and they decided to try their hands at pop music.


Backed by their parents and Sparrow Records, the fivesome assembled a dance routine and had some wholesome, uptempo pop songs written for them. Upon the release of their debut, they took to performing in schools, malls, and amphitheaters around the country, spreading their positive message to audiences that consisted of children, teens, and parents. A visit to the White House helped raise their profile, and a benefit cover of “God Bless the U.S.A.” became a single in the wake of September 11, 2001. In 2002, the group recorded All the Time in the World and released it that summer, with a huge promotional campaign behind the album. Jump5 also arranged deals with McDonalds and Disney for promotion, while a tour with the A*Teens, Aaron Carter, and the Baha Men kept them busy throughout the summer. Dreaming in Color followed in 2004, while 2005 saw the release of two albums: the Very Best of Jump5 compilation and a brand new effort, Shining Star. Their last album, 2007’s Hello & Goodbye, was released three months before the group’s final performance in Nashville.

Sometime between 2003 and 2004, a 14-yo David met the group in one of its Radio Disney gig. Given the group’s background, is it any wonder why David would be interested to meet them? I wonder: would this be a direction David will take upon resuming his career after his mission? How does that grab you?

Apparently, David sang for Jump5 that day. Although we do not have info on the songs he performed, we can guess by the look on their faces that he blew them away!





Thank you Mr. Jeff A. for uploading the pix to David’s very 1st public website – davidarchuleta.net, a family-administered site back when David was just starting his foray into showbiz.

Too bad David’s frontal shots have broken links. Only the thumbnails below were available back in 2004 (I told ya I was already an Archie back then, lmao).

If anyone was able to save the large versions of these two pics, TDC would appreciate it very much if you can share them here 🙂

A head turner if not a heart-breaker, then and now. And no doubt, for years to come 🙂

~ JR

ps: This post is the start of TDC’s built-up of David’s Pre-Idol Days. You can see a link at the top header of the site. So watch out for more flashback features.