TDC Exclusive!

I got a call from a friend 30 minutes before the presscon was supposed to start if I can be at EDSA Shang stat. Like there was even any decision to be made, right? Good thing Shang is just minutes away from where I work 🙂 I asked permission if I can bring a couple of companions.

At 1st it was strictly just me cos the invitation was considered in my capacity as a blogger of one of his fansites. But I was able to convince that I may need one back-up in case something happens to me or my camera e.g. faint, spazz-out, technical trouble… you never know, right?

So I took an early lunch break (though I didn’t actually take lunch, LOL), called Naree to join me and headed to the presscon to continue chronicling David’s fantastic stay in Manila.

It was a small group but the media outlets sent their best press people, judging by the names that were called.

In the previous thread, I talked about how my cup runneth over with a song and how David’s stint here in Manila has brought him a new level of maturity and more self awareness. That’s the reason why I really, really, as in really requested attendance for this presscon. I usually don’t ask for favors from business associates or even friends but my gut feel says this was a not-to-be-missed event.

Yes the press will cover it but after this session, they will move on. As a fan and a devout chronicler of anythingDavid, I firmly believe that we can offer a better repository of this upclose and personal session here at The David Chronicles. This was how I explained my request to my ever patient who-shall-not-be-named business associate/friend.


“I’ve worked very hard for the last 4 years or so. To be able to come to where I am today… to be able to have the opportunities given – to record, to do shows, to provide for the fans – and it is also been my way of living, I mean it’s been my job, too.

So to have to decide and leave all that is very hard. But I think this is something when you trust God. I dunno what’s gonna happen in 2 years. I dunno if I’m gonna have to start from scratch again. But I trust God. I have trusted Him so far and He has never let me down. I don’t want to let Him down cos this decision is for Him. So I trust that He knows my intention and He will provide a way when I get back, like He always has.

~ David Archuleta, Forevermore PressCon, Kamia Room, EDSA Shangri-la, 15 Feb 2012

David’s revelation, his sharing and his candor in talking about his Faith and the sacrifice that he is about to embark on has made him more endearing and highly regarded by the people here.

Meanwhiule Mr. David Archuleta, you have my deepest respect, if only for your fearless stand about life.

May your tribe increase!

~ jackryan4DA

ps: Got to talk to Kari as well. She saw me playing the Nandito Ako performance of David with Regine & Ogie the night before for a couple of Sony execs and the press. She asked for a copy straight to her USB, wasn’t that cool? 🙂

ps2: Thank you dear friend for allowing me to attend the presscon and share with the world, this wonderful, intimate session of this wonderful, highly remarkable young man.


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POST PRESSCON 1-on-1 INTERVIEWS feat by YAHOO OMG (18 April 2012)


David Archuleta Interview on OPM Album (10 Feb 2012)

David Archuleta on Lea Salonga @ Myxph (12 Feb 2012)

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01 NAREE’s

02 ASTRO’s

Forevermore – Copies for International Fans

Continuing my discussion with Ivory execs re availability of Forevermore to international fans, I got clarification about how they can be best delivered outside the Philippines.

As initial discussions have been made and several communications exchanged among admins of fansites. Archuleta Philippines has taken the helm of this concerted project for a more streamlined cascading. So always watch out for AP announcements 🙂

Ivory Music & Video is the exclusive licensee and distrbutor of Sony Music products (e.g. Forevermore) and from which Astroplus, Odyssey, CDWOW and other music/online stores get their inventory.

Am so excited for this all-English OPM project, which David worked so hard for, given the limited time he has. The guy will do anything for his Archies, as you will hear from the presscon videos I will post later.

Get ready guys. Am salivating over the track list. Forevermore? You Are My Song? DAID. Am teling you, I think guy plans to slay us so when we wake up, his 2-year hiatus is already over!

For sure, only the best from The Archuletor.


OPM Ordering Info From Astroplus!!!

Dear International David Archuleta Fans,

Thank you for your interest in purchasing David Archuleta’s upcoming album, “David Archuleta… Forevermore” which is set to be released in the Philippines in March 2012. Attached is the press release from Ivory Music & Video, the local label which will be releasing and distributing the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) album.

As promised, we now have several payment options for international fans: Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Western Union.

(For those who still prefer to pay through Western Union, feel free to just respond to this email for more details.)

To purchase the Forevermore album, please follow these steps:

1) Create an account on

2) Click here:

3) Start shopping! 🙂

Standard shipping fee (up to five (5) albums only in one package) for all international orders is PHP950 except for SEA countries which is PHP550.

Please note that we will send out all of the albums on the day of the release. We will update you again via email on the release date once the label sends out a formal announcement.

For those who are asking whether CDWow will release the album or not, we were advised by the label that the OPM album will be exclusively released in the Philippines so it may be unlikely for CDWow to distribute it.


If you will be ordering two or more albums, please order through this link instead so we can properly adjust your shipping fees before you proceed payment:

Please feel free to repost the link on your Facebook walls/David Archuleta fan sites/Twitter and share with other international fans so they too can buy a copy of the album. 🙂

Thank you / maraming salamat po!

Astroplus Online Shopping Team

NOTE: Oh and for domestic orders? All shipping fees are waived!How cool is that!