There seems to be some confusion re the challenge given to Archies wrt the release of Forevermore.

Not only are we being asked to make Forevermore MV #1 in Pinoy MYX Countdown, we also need to re-instate WAIT on the charts and make it #1 on MYX International Top (MIT) 20.

To be #1 on Pinoy MYX Countdown, MYX Hit Chart & MIT 20 , one has to lord over the MYX Daily Top Ten. Hence the daily vote is essential. In effect, the ranking in both Pinoy MYX Countdown and MYX Hit Chart is only a consequence of the MYX Daily Top Ten for OPM releases. The ranking in MIT20 is a consequence of the ranking on MYX Daily Top Ten for international releases.

The difference between the MYX Hit Chart and Pinoy MYX Countdown? The former covers both local & international releases while the latter is purely OPM. Meanwhile MIT20 is purely international releases.

Since Forevermore is a local release, it cannot qualify for MIT 20.

Why the challenge:Cos it has never been done before! David is in a unique position, straddling both local and international charts.

He is the only international artist who currently has both local and international releases and could potentially occupy the top spot at the same time.

That’s why this challenge is being asked of us.

One could argue that if we follow the natural pattern of a release, that WAIT may be over the hump. But I suppose that’s why it is called a challenge?

So as far as the challenge is concerned, we are just halfway through.


Let me hear your thoughts!


Forevermore seats at the top slot on MYX Daily Top 10 for 10 consecutive days! Kati thanks us with a pic —