chords-of-strength David Archuleta’s career is on the rise both commercially and creatively. Since AI, he has been on this heady pace and we just love it! It helps that he rarely does not give us fans advance notice as to what he will do next. Does that mean we do not get surprised at all? Definitely, NOT.

It is the same thing with his upcoming autobiography, Chords of Strength: A Memoir of Soul, Song and the Power of Perseverance.

Look at that picture! Ageing becomes David (although I would have loved some warmer colors in the typography). He was this chubby-cheeked doe-eyed cutie pie in AI but towards the finale, he lost so much weight but still retained the cherubic aura.

Now, his face has lost it roundness. The last two years has given way to angles and a jaw line. But even with a more purposeful pair of lips, a deeper voice and more pronounced muscularity, his eyes – yes, his hazel-brown Spanish eyes – remain clear, yielding.

But don’t get fooled with the apprehensive, compliant-like demeanor. If people think they can put a stick in between his wheels but cannot stop his motivation, then nothing will.

Case in point: his DLTSGDOM performance. We all know what he had to put up with, on the way to the finale.

Just when you think he has given his all, he comes back stronger, more admirable and more loveable than ever.

Henceforth, it was Trust TheArchuletor.

For David’s strength lies not in brute or force. His strength shines through his quiet dignity, soft statement of directness, respectful perseverance and quirky sense of humor.

David seems to take a page from Yajur Veda’s philosophy.

One should always aspire for increments of strength, food and long life because each of them is dependent on the other.

David has shown us how he builds on from his early wins, slowly creating ripples of triumphs that have enormous potential of sustainability. Food? Hmmm, isn’t that a dominant item already in his twits and blogs? LOL

Kidding aside, what I find most touching is his earnest desire to share his gift for any bit of possibility that his sharing could help someone, someway. This may be the spirit behind the book. Some may question the decision to come out with a memoir at this stage of his career or of his young life. But for me, that doesn’t necessarily reveal a weakness in the process. On the contrary, it stresses how strong the choice is. And how consistent with David’s expressed priorities.

If nothing else, David is a true-blue millennial artist – a contemporary bilingual musician who uses a wide range of media to communicate his art and his values across genre, age and cultures.

What’s more, David takes steps to engage his audience and fans in his journey. He twits, he b/vlogs, he networks, he delivers speeches (who would have thought?!), he even consults us for his haircut 🙂 And now he writes.

David leverages his art to spread a little bit of good with others. It would appear that this is almost always his bottom line. Is it any wonder that his fans’ affection and respect for him develops from strength to strength?

DA @ Miami Event 02DA @ Miami Event 04

David at the Miami Charity Event

And rightfully so. Because David, at his young age, has displayed a keen sense of the fine art of growing in grace and truth. This is quite challenging especially in the very fickle and unforgiving world of entertainment. I am confident that he will continue to do so with the passing years, as he carries on in pursuit of his infectious love for music and humanity.

Chords of Strength, available for pre-order now from Amazon; Out May 4, 2010.

– jackryan4DA