tdceditorialThe David Chronicles was launched just over one month ago. Maybe it’s a good moment to look around, and see what is offered in this spacious house. TDC is a place for great articles, selected videos and news, and lively discussion. You’ll find articles touching on all aspects of Archudom in both the main Feature and in the Editorial. Recent articles are found just to the right of the Editorial in Archives. Want to read more from a particular writer? At the top of the page, on the black navigation bar, you can search for articles by author by scrolling down the list of Columnists and clicking on the name. You can also search by subject by scrolling down Profiles.

More article categories can be found by clicking on Featured, News & Press, Noting David or Reviews. Need to see those photo shoots one more time? Go to Images & Art, scroll down to Photo Shoots and voilà! Have you visited Performances yet? You can find videos from the US and UK tours, as well as earlier performances and articles related to performances. This is also the place to meet up with other TDCers going to the shows. Are you wondering who else is going to Atlantic City this summer? Hover over Performances, click on 09 Summer Tour and leave a comment on the article: 09 Summer Tour Dates.

If you’re looking for a quick recap of the most interesting and compelling Archie news, then check out This Week in ArchuWorld, published every Friday. The Team @ TDC gathers the latest blogs, interviews, TV appearances, twitters and pictures, and puts them all in one place, so you will never miss a thing. In case you skipped a week, the ArchuWorlds are gathered together in their own section at the bottom of the front page.

Perhaps you are wondering where the commenters are? Go to the top right corner of the home page and find Latest Comments. Click on the article title to go directly to that comment. Looking for up-to-the-minute ArchuNews? There are news feeds from Google, Snarky Archies and Friends of David, plus the latest tweets from Twitter. To make the world of David complete, there is also an ArchuPlayer, selected Videos for your listening and viewing pleasure, and even ArchuQuotes from commenters and others.

The David Chronicles is a work in progress with more features to come. Your feedback about the site is welcomed. The Contact page is there for your comments or even to share a great article topic that you’re inspired to write. Keep in touch!

– davidfanLIZ