Whether on or off-cam, David Archuleta remains the sweet, humble and utterly adorable rambling guy that we have come to know.

But we can also glean from his various interviews that he is not comfortable talking about himself – even if we love him to do just that!

But in time, David has changed. He has become more open and deliberate in his delivery. He was even able to write an autobiography before hitting 21 🙂

So looking back to teener David circa AI, it is nice to have something to look back to. Here is a compilation of behind-the-scenes (BTS) AI clips while doing those Garnier, Coke and Ford segments.

I grouped the clips from all three sponsors and presented them from Top 24 to Top 2. They show some of David’s and his AIS7 buddies’ habits, preferences and inclinations with food, fashion, music, relationships and interests at that time. Will also show why Season 7 rawked 🙂

Can you see the changes with him over 5 albums, a book and numerous concerts and appearances?

Forward to 2014, will he revert to his old shy ways? Or will he be more sure of himself?

Sure hope it’s the latter cos he definitely needs to claim his rightful spot in the music world.



04-01 AIS7 Top24 BTS – Fave/Least Fave Food & Group Photoshoot

04-01a ET feat – Top12 Guys Strike a Pose

04-02 AIS7 Top24 BTS – Party & Style Definition

04-03 AIS7 Top20 BTS – Idol Memory & Childhood Story

04-04 DA @ AIS7 Top16 BTS – Album Title & Most Supportive

04-05 AIS7 Top12 BTS – Missed Most/Fave Part in Idol + Making of Ford MV

04-06 AIS7 Top12 BTS – Define Style + Style Icon/Photo Shoot

04-07 AIS7 Top11 BTS – PreStage Ritual & Most Loved in Idol + Making of Ford MV

04-08 AIS7 Top10 BTS – Tour Excitement & Future Challenges + Making of Ford MV

04-09 AIS7 Top10 BTS – Most Stylish Thing Ever Done

04-10 AIS7 Top09 BTS – Regrets & Own/Others’ Fave Performance + Making of Ford MV

04-11 AIS7 Top08 BTS – Stage Names & What Makes You Smile + Making of Ford MV

04-12 AIS7 Top07 BTS – Super Powers & Fave Song Ever + Making of Ford MV

04-13 AIS7 Top07 BTS – Style Mistakes

04-14 AIS7 Top06 BTS Interesting Fan Mails & Keeping Grounded + Making of Ford MV

04-15 AIS7 Top05 BTS – Fave Vacation Memory & About Judging + Making of Ford MV

04-16 AIS7 Top05 BTS – How Do You Rock Your Style

04-17 AIS7 Top04 BTS – Dream Tour & Giving Thanks + Making of Ford MV

04-18 AIS7 Top03 BTS – Dream Mentor & On Being Idol + Making Ford MV

04-19 AIS7 Top02 BTS – Finale Night Goofing w/ Top12 + Making of Ford MV Recap


Aaaand a special video, NOT from Coke, Garnier or Ford but you can see I had to include it here 🙂

04-20 “Literally, they see DAVID ARCHULETA & down they go!” Clip



~ JR