Salt Lake tour show, thanks to Jennifer Barry

The Team at The David Chronicles kicked off the Giving Back project last week by highlighting Invisible Children, a project that David has been supporting for several years. Today we share another cause close to the Archuleta family, Crush MS. Organized by momjulee, Crush MS is dedicated to Brett Hales, a friend of David’s who has had multiple sclerosis for five years. This project will raise money for the Utah MS Society in particular and MS in general.

Did you notice the orange bracelet that David wore at the Salt Lake end-of-tour show? These are the bracelets that momjulee designed and sold as a fundraiser at the Fans of David lunch that day and at the concert. Those bracelets quickly sold out, but now more are available.

A quick personal note about Brett. Perhaps some of you have had the pleasure of spending time with Brett as I have. Brett and his wife Cindy are two of the most delightful and generous people you’ll ever meet. Brett is the kind of person who treats you as his new best friend. His strength of heart and the joyfulness of his spirit have been an inspiration to me. I am grateful to momjulee for launching this project in his honor.

David and Brett Hales

David and Brett Hales

If you’re thinking of giving David a gift at one of his shows this summer, consider this: what better gift to give than to a charity that he supports.

You can learn more about this project from the video that momjulee has made. Contributions can be made two ways:

Utah MS Society Cause on Facebook
National MS Society Tribute Fund to Brett Hales

Crush MS: David vs. Goliath