Remember that day? Of course you do! Who can forget the epicness, the amazingness and blow-by-blow account that clearly shows why the world fell in love with this teen from Utah 🙂
TDC has full coverage of David’s Day in Utah, 09 May 2008! To highlight D Day, let’s reminisce with his performance vids below:
David Archueta @ LIVE Utah Homecoming – Fox13 Smoky Mountain Memories

02-26 David Archuleta @ DN’s LIVE – FULL CONCERT: SBM, IMAGINE & ANGELS

For the rest of the coverage that includes LIVE footage, RECAP videos/news, BTS & audio slideshows from Fox13 News, ABC4 News, Deseret, Herald Tribune, Salt Lake Tribune, 97.1 ZHT, 101.5 The Eagle, KBull and of course AI, you can all find them HERE
Happy David Archuleta Day y’all!
~ JR
ps1: Look at what @anafeleo posted as a gift for this day 🙂 NA BTS pic!

ps2: And check out what Kari sent on this day! An uber serene David, relaxing at home

ps3: And the surprise tweet of the day! From the man himself!

ps4: When David met Andi – Extreme Makeover awardee aired during 10 May 2012 primer epi & 13 May 2012 Main Epi