DA w NA billboard

A slightly better picture. Was not easy to stop on the side of the road in Manila in the middle of traffic! (KS) pic.twitter.com/JeKi5WOM

Has it really been a year? My, how time flies indeed! I asked MDW what was her fave scene from the series and she replied with this –
MDW fave scenes
I won’t attempt to choose cos… I can’t even… It would be a futile exercise – ya know what I mean? LOL

Happy NA Anniversary everyone! Thanks Kari & MDW for the throwback moments.

How bout you, what’s your fave scene from the series?

~ JR



“So when you find your true love… hold on to it & never let go.. because that’s what I would do…” #NanditoAkoMemories #JoshBradley #TrueLove

Snapshot 8 (3-25-2012 9-39 AM)


ps2: And for anything NANDITO AKO or anything DAJIM 2012 (David Archuleta’s Journey in Manila, here is the landing page for easier reference & access 🙂