Had someone told me a year ago that I would be offering holiday wishes to many hundreds of warm-hearted, hilarious, glorious people who have become members of an online community run by me, I would have laughed and asked, “for what possible reason?” The clairvoyant might have replied, “all because of one remarkable young man.”

I won’t demur. I have been captivated by one or two remarkable young men in my time. But none have warranted (or deserved) the level of attention and consideration I have allocated here. And as I have said before: It almost doesn’t seem like a choice. It feels more like a calling. It is also undeniable that the perpetuation of this effort would have been impossible without the incredible support and participation of the notingDavid membership. I have such great respect and affection for the people who congregate here that I hardly know what I might do to continue to deserve your company.

Gratitude must also be conveyed even, and perhaps especially, to those members who have on occasion challenged me, sometimes with great fervor, in my beliefs and practices. Having to figure out how to be inclusive without sacrificing my principles has been an education. I have a great deal more respect for the difficulties involved in the politics of inclusion, and take this moment to wish our new president much wisdom and patience in his intentions to put into practice this lofty and demanding ideal.

David may never fully realize the degree to which his existence has and will continue to affect people in profound and remarkable ways. Such is the nature–the curse and the blessing–of the artist. Despite his immense love and passion for music, for his audience and for his fans, we need always to be aware that his ability to sing for us is built on a foundation of diligence, dedication, hard work, and sometimes great difficulty and sacrifice. Things are always pretty onstage because the sweat and blood has been spilled offstage. I have alluded before to the irony that his fans are in many ways much luckier than he is, for David is the only one in the world incapable of knowing what it is to be moved by the artistry of David Archuleta.

As I was watching what has become perhaps my favorite Christmas movie, one particular scene jumped out at me like an Archugaze. It refers to an association that has been made before, but which I think is particularly resonant here. I probably won’t be posting again until January, so please accept this little presentation as my holiday gift and New Year’s wish to all of you, fellow travelers in pursuit of a guiding star.

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