Screencapped from video I took 🙂

It’s like Harry Potter coming to Hogwarts. Except his time, it is not a magical place (at least for a number of us). But it’s a magical moment for a special person whom a lot of people have come to love and admire.
David’s 1st public performance as Elder Archuleta – PRAISE THE MAN (how fitting!). DA comes at mark 4:39

From Deseret

Some missionaries have started sharing their encounters with David @ MTC


David Archuleta enters the MTC
Dear Family,
How is it going?!?! Everything is going awesome here!! Despite the Visas not being here we
are doing awesome!!! LOL so David Archuleta is coming in today! HAHA
every week there has been rumors that he is coming in, but it isn’t a
rumor this time, I figured out for sure. Haha he is staying in our
residence hall too!! HAHAHA…


.We have been practicing for General Conference every day. It’s been insane but it will be worth it cause it is going to be awesome! We sing in the afternoon session so if there is anybody that doesn’t know make sure you tell them!! …So the MTC turned into Hogwarts this week. David Archuletta got here and he was pretty much like Harry Potter and everyone was being dumb and looking at him weird! I felt bad and when I went to set up an appointment to get my haircut this morning he was in there getting his haircut. I can be proud to say I just treated him like every other missionary and human being for that matter…..I have never been so excited for Conference then for this one. I’m rather sad because we don’t really get to watch the first one but I’ll try and get the ensign when it comes out so I can read them. I will probably be close to the front because I’m rather short (I know suprising right) and the director said that they try and make sure every missionary gets some camera time so mom when you see me don’t cry! Or you Alec I know you will be broken hearted. ….Oh ya so something else that’s cool is next week we are hosting the new Mish’s! I’m excited. I’ve wanted to do it for a while and now i get to so if you hear of anybody coming in thell them to look for me!


Dearest darlingest momsy and popsicle 🙂 and clan and all you wonderful friends and fam that i LOVE!

it’s official. david archuleta is here. same day as petah. so crazy. can’t believe it. and i’ve been very very close to him like 3 or 4 times and remained very calm and collected. he is tiny. he is beautiful. and he’s in the mtc choir, which is making many ppl pretty uptight, since lots and lotsa ppl wanted to be in it and didn’t make it for one reason or another. all we did was fill out papers that listed our experience. not too fancy. but those poor ppl will have to deal bc i highly doubt elder archuleta got down on his knees on his first whirlwind of a day here and begged to be in the choir. let’s be logical. “oh, i’m not famous enough and i’d like my mission to be an extension of my career, so may i PLEEEEASE be on tv!?!?!” yeah. not happening. but for whatever reason, he was there dark and early the very next morning at rehearsal. wowsa. and sis. w was telling me how ridiculous it is that ppl can’t seem to let it go. she said at breakfast yesterday, ” there are worse things than having a really good singer in the mtc choir for general conference.” and i said, “amen.” and that was even coming from a not-on-the-david-archuleta-bandwagon sister wight. so there. they can all suck a toe, right? well, i’ll be nicer. but it’s still in the “i don’t have control over it” category, so i guess it is, like many circumstances i will face on my mission, not worth complaining about. and HECK! i wouldn’t complain anyway! i get to see someone whom i’ve been dreaming of singing with for about a couple years now almost every day! SWEET! even though we do no more than possibly smile at each other in passing… if that’s happened, yet. he’s very private, i believe. and doesn’t seem to want any attention.

well, enough of that. now my time’s almost up …


Thursday, March 29, 2012
Jammed fingers and Elder Archuleta

Dear Family,

Oh if you could let Aubrie know that Elder Archuleta actually came to the MTC yesterday and is living in the residence floor beneath me. I’ve seen him a couple times, but I haven’t talked with him yet. I plan on giving him a high 5 before I leave…


Posted by The Draper Family at 3/29/2012 08:22:00 AM

“It’s the Day After Tomorrow” as sung by David himself. 3/28/12 is a great day to all of us who have enjoyed listening to a voice from someone whom we could relate to, a Brother of our own and now and Elder amongst us, so with that said we welcome Elder David Archuleta to the MTC this day. What a great time to be here at MTC

Elder Draper

PS(Mom can you post Elder Archuleta’s uTube Mission announcement on the blog! I, as did the world, rejoice in that moment). Love Ya


March 31, 2012
Werr Herro!


Well I don’t know if I included some things in last week’s email, so I’ll make sure to cover them. I said there is a choir of 364 people going to Gen Conf. I am not, however, included in them. I haven’t had enough singing experience. The choir now includes 365 people. Can you guess who the last one is? Yep, Elder David Archuleta. My comp is super pissed! But my comp put nineteen years of car rides and showers as his listed experience, so he needs to get over it. Speaking of Elder Archuleta, he was getting his haircut while my comp was yesterday. My comp talked to him for a couple minutes and was complemented on his good beard genes. When Elder Archuleta walked out of the barber shop, we made eye contact. Sparks flew and I said “Konichiwa,” he said “Hola,” and chuckled and left. It was pretty hilarious. He’s super short and super shy though.


Monday, April 2, 2012
hi! well this week was normal. everything has far extended its welcome at the MTC! i love the mtc but at times it can really just make you want to get into the field! i love being in the classroom studying spanish. i do not like the food. my companion does whatever he wants whenever he can and he tells everyone their problems. he sleeps all day in class and is hardley learning any spanish. o well! the only thing i can do is just love him and do what is right. anyway i love this gospel and i would do anything i am asked to make the work progress. i sang in the saturday afternoon seccion of conference! it was pretty cool! so i was sitting in the waiting area just waiting to go into the statium and some kid started to talk to me, i talked to him for about a half hour before i realized who he was. its strange to be talking to a celebrity and not even know it. ya david archuleta was talking to me, it was pretty cool. so we talked for a few more minutes. i am so excited to serve a mission and so ready to go into the field as soon as possible!!!! adios!!!


March 31, 2012
Non-Spiritual Conference Observations- Saturday

What a great day! Fabulous talks! So much to think about. So much to discuss! But before I can really spend time processing the depth and importance of what was said, I need to clear my head of some “less spiritual” observations from today’s sessions.

  • Who is Elder Archuletta, and why did they wait until the end to show him?
  • Praise to the Man is an incredibly powerful experience. Usually. (I’ll repent for that one later.)

OK. Now that I have cleared that our of my system. I can prepare for Priesthood session.

Have a great evening!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012
One Last, Idol, Conference Thought

As the choir gently neared the end of the beloved hymn “Praise to the Man” the camera focused on a familiar face singing with the choir. David Archuleta. A collective gasp arose from the viewing audience. At least in my house. My guess is that had Moroni shown up at the Conference Center with his trumpet, some people would have asked, “Who’s the guy in the robe here to accompany David Archuleta?”

I like David Archuleta. Haven’t purchased any of his music, but I recognize that he is really talented. Yet I cringed when I saw him on the screen. My first thought was “that was a carefully orchestrated PR move. Glad they waited until the end.” I just hope everyone remembered which “man” we were “praising”.

Later that afternoon I was talking to my sons, as we drove to watch the priesthood session. Their response surprised me – they thought it was so cool! They were honestly excited. One of those sons will be entering the MTC while Elder Archuleta is still there.

I was still a little cynical, but didn’t share it – because I don’t judge anymore. (Effective 3/31/12)

While I was sitting in the darkened chapel watching the conference, I hit me hard:
A change of heart.

I looked back at some things that I have seen in my lifetime, and started to gain a strong appreciation for what I had seen earlier in the day.

Before President Uchtdorf’s talk, back when I was more judgmental, I probably would have said something like this:

    “All of my life I have seen seekers of fame and fortune – mostly athletes – being lauded by church members for chasing fame and fortune – just because they are LDS. I don’t get it – never have. But everybody sure gets excited about it. Many fans will say ‘but they do so much missionary work being in the public eye’. Maybe, but where is the sacrifice? They aren’t walking away from fame and fortune, they are embracing it, and then might leverage it to do good works. Isn’t that backwards? Besides, why are we so desperate to have LDS idols that we would settle for them?”

However, since President Uchtdorf set me straight on Saturday, I would never think or say anything like that anymore. Now I would just say, “Everyone has to make their own decisions, it isn’t for me to judge.”

But…is praise judgment? Can I pass positive judgment on another? I hope so, because here it goes…

I am so impressed that this young man would be willing to humbly walk away from fame and fortune to do as the Lord has asked. He is willing to sacrifice to serve. The more I think about it, the more I love him for his example to my sons, and all the young men I have worked with in the church. The power of his example should not be under-estimated.Yes, the directors of the broadcast did manage to smoothly squeeze him into the frame at the end of the song – and I DO have a problem with that. Why?

Because I wish they had had him sing in General Conference.
I wish they had publicized it in advance. With TV commercials.
I wish they had asked him to speak in the priesthood session.
I wish he could have given a talk, explaining to my boys, and the boys of the church, why he chose to serve a mission.
This dad wants his sons to see what humble sacrifice can look like.

Color me impressed.
Thank you, Elder Archuleta, and Godspeed.

MAMM has a 3nd blog post – MMM Meets the Archies – about his blog above – and I LOOOOOVE what he has to say about Archiess’ reactions to LDS members posting their sightings and sharing their own reactions to seeing Elder Archuleta.


January 1, 2013
I Resolve…2013

  • Never mention David Archuleta in a post, because his fans will descend like locust.

That is probably a big enough list for now. Don’t want to expect too much of myself, only to let myself down, again.

Wishing you a profoundly adequate 2013!


4-5-12 Letter
… So funny story of the week. Elder Andersen sang next to Elder Archuleta in conference, Google the picture-you’ll see his face. We were teaching our investigator and we asked if he watched conference, he pulled up his laptop and showed me a clip of me singing, we asked if he saw andersen, he slid a leather folder frame to him-a pic of him singing with archuleta hahaha, we have since gotten at least 6 pics of that with more on the way. but we are actually good friends with Elder Archuleta, we go jogging with him everyday and help him with his Spanish and how to approach teaching people. he is a great Elder and im so excited for him. No i cant tell you where he is going or get anything signed, but after the mission we’ll hangout again, we’re like some of his only friends.


my friend met david archuleta in the MTC haha.

it’s a funny story, actually, here:

“David Archuleta is here! haha he came on Wednesday and I actually have an experience thats pretty funny. So last Wednesday when he came everyone was sorta nutso! haha well anyways, he is going to ———— (sorry, dunno if I should share or not? I will if you guys think I should tho). Well, the other night, me and my companions went to a meeting. Well Elder D. went to our room, and we are on the third floor of 5m and my other companion and I went up one flight of stairs on accident and started knocking on the door right below us cause we thought it was our room. Well no one answered so we started to knock so hard and so annoying, and guess who opened the door!! David Archuleta opened the door and we were both like UHHHH. Hi um, this isn’t our room haha, and he looked at us like we were crazy like, yeah right, you just wanted to see me, haha. so we both felt so stupid so i don’t think I will ever talk to him again LOL. He just wants to be left alone but we talked to him a little but he just seemed like he didn’t want us there so we left. So David Archuleta sleeps one floor below me right now, so that’s pretty cool, I guess. haha.”

Ahh what fun. haha. neither of us are big fans, but a pretty cool experience nonetheless. Just thought I’d share. 🙂


But how will life be for Elder Archuleta? This article from gives us an idea —

David Archuleta Leaves on Mormon Mission
by Terrie Lynn Bittner

Pop star David Archuleta surprised the world in December, 2011, by announcing that he had decided to serve a two year volunteer mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. David is a life-long Mormon, the nickname for members of this church.

David Archueta, Mormon popstar and now Mormon missionaryIn 2007, David Archuleta became famous for his appearance on American Idol, a popular talent show for pop singers. He was one of the youngest finalists in the history of the show, just sixteen years old. Following his run on the program, he launched a solo career, with his first album debuting in the number two spot at Billboard.

It is uncommon for popular singers to put aside their work to take a two-year hiatus out of the public eye. It is, in fact, considered a risky decision to make. However David explained that no one had told him to do it; it was a choice he made for himself. He explained in his farewell video that he wanted to set aside this time to build his relationship with God, something he hadn’t taken enough time for in the past. He asked his fans to be respectful of his need to be out of the public eye for a while.

What will David Archuleta’s life be like now? He left home in March, 2012 for the Missionary Training Center. Here, since he will be serving in South America, it is likely he will begin learning to speak Spanish in an intensive immersion program. He will also receive the training needed to learn how to share his beliefs effectively with others.

While on his mission, David will be known as Elder Archuleta. Elder is a title referring to his level of priesthood, not his age or seniority. Mormons confer the priesthood on all worthy males who are twelve or older. There are several levels and Elder is the title given to most young men after they reach adulthood. However, it is not used as a formal title unless someone is serving a mission or has a high-level full-time church position.

As a missionary, David will receive no special treatment due to his celebrity. During this time, he is expected to put away all worldly interests and activities, so he will not be performing, making movies, answering fan mail, or participating in other career-based activities. Nor will he be dating, listening to popular music, going to movies or watching television. For two years, Mormon missionaries are expected to live a life of strict focus on God. It is a time to build their own religious testimony, learn to sacrifice and to put others first, to mature, and to grow. Mormon missionaries make sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ the sole focus of their lives. They develop self-discipline that carries into their future lives and helps them to be successful both professionally and personally. Their lives follow a strict schedule of sleep, meals, exercise, religious study, work, and service.

Because missionaries are assigned companions—another missionary of the same gender—and the two spend all their time together, they also learn to get along with others. These partnerships are changed regularly and missionaries must learn to have a good relationship with each companion, regardless of differences in culture and personality. This is excellent preparation for marriage and probably contributes to the unusually high success rate among Mormons.

Mormon missionaries live in the communities to which they are assigned and live as do those around him. David Archuleta’s life as a missionary may include living in primitive dwellings without running water should he find himself assigned to such an area. This helps them to develop compassion and understanding for those who are less fortunate, to release their dependence on material comforts, and to learn to sacrifice for God. He will be expected to eat whatever is served to him when he is a dinner guest. He will speak the language and learn the culture.

The need to interact daily with strangers and to discuss religion, which is considered a touchy subject, helps missionaries develop poise. Because they are taught to look for opportunities to serve, they become acutely aware of the needs of those around them and train themselves to see needs even when no one is asking for help. This builds empathy and trains them to a life of service and love for others. They experience the culture of their temporary country in a way no tourist can because they are right in the heart of the country, visiting homes, talking to the people, and sharing in the lifestyle.

This is what is ahead for David Archuleta. When he returns home in two years, fans are likely to see a matured young man who is more attuned with what is important in his life. It is an experience that will change him forever and most young men and women who serve missions remember it as a defining moment.

Men may serve missions beginning at age 19 for two years. Women may serve for eighteen months at age 21—most women complete college first. In addition, adults of any age can become part-time missionaries serving at home while continuing their normal careers or educations. Retired couples often serve missions as well, either full-time or part time. Older missionaries are not held to the same strict rules as the younger missionaries, since they have already achieved the maturity and self-discipline the rules teach.

Many famous Mormons who take time out for a mission value two years away from their fame and the public eye. They begin to remember what it was like to be an ordinary person and this helps to humble them. For many, it is a key to avoiding the types of problems many young celebrities face, because they return far more grounded and less interested in the parties and immorality that can plague a person who achieves fame at a young age.

David intends to resume his music career at the end of his two years in South America.



His eyes! Am so happy for him 🙂

From Salt Lake Tribune

Another one from Salt Lake Tribune

Thanks @cmaliad for tweeting the pix!



Pix from OkEspanol as David enters MTC


David w/ his Jazzy & Amber before he left for MTC (source unknown)


When Elder Cawley met David 6/20/11

In Chile already… he looks radiant 🙂







From Elder Pulsipher dtd 01 JUne 2012
Here is a closer look —

Posted by @EllynaMxy

A couple of pix posted via twitter posted 29 June 2011

Source: Unknown

Rough translation: “David Archuleta looks very happy. It makes me happy to see him like this!”

Looks like a public commute. I wonder if the peeps know who he is? LOL Thanks David Archuleta Argentina for posting!


Looks like David is singing!

A devotional concert for young single adults!


Source: Unknown

NEW-OLD PIC posted way back 20 Dec 2011 by Male*Celeb*News

David Archuleta putting music on hold for Mormon mission
Posted On Tuesday, December 20, 2011

American Idol’ runner-up David Archuleta is following his faith into a 2-year hiatus from his musical pursuits.

Archuleta will spend the next 24 months on the mission field as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He announced the decision last night during a concert in his hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I would like to make a special announcement: that I’ve chosen to serve a full-time mission. It’s not because somebody told me that I was supposed to do it, not because that I no longer want to do music anymore, but it’s because it’s the feeling that I felt that I need to do next in my life.”

“It’s just the same feeling that I’ve always followed, tried to follow in my life. It’s the feeling that has allowed me to have the opportunities that I’ve had, the challenges that I’ve overcome and the blessings, too. And I’ve learned to trust that feeling, and I’ve learned that I need to answer when it calls. And that is the reason why I know I need to do this in my life.”

He’s 20.


Lord Knows! Musicians Who Went Rogue For Religion (DETAILS)
Posted December 21, 2011 by Dimas Sanfiorenzo for Global Grind Staff

Here’s a story about a sacrifice so great, it belongs in The Good Book.

Emerging pop star and ex-American Idol season seven runner-up, David Archuleta, will put his career on hold as he goes on a two year Mormon mission.

MUSIC: David Archuleta – Something About Love

The singer will be sent abroad, or somewhere in the States, to fully embrace his faith. This includes doing things like studying and teaching others about Mormonism. He will have very little contact with family and friends.

VIDEO: Loon Goes From Bad Boy To Mecca

It’s a lot different from the pop star lifestyle, we’ll tell you that!

We’ll also tell you that we’ve seen this before, artists who give up the women, money, jewels and basically all the awesomeness that comes with being famous for a higher religious calling.

We’ve seen it all from gangster rappers turning Jewish, to junkie rockers getting clean because of Christianity.

And it’s all in our list of musicians who went rogue for religion. Check it out!

Read more:


15 July – The Devotional is today!!! Enjoy some pix!

Getting ready for the Devotional credit: josito_bieber

After the Devotional credit Severino

Credit to @mlpb3

MORE PIX from @NYasmin

BIGGER PIX, THE BETTER TO… oh you know what I mean 😉

Oh how cute, a signed poster of the Devotional

Source Unknown

From Centro JAS Rancagua FB. Do you see David? 🙂


Video from Chile Post-Devotional thanks to @FastLifewithSel

Conociendo a David Archuleta :DDDDDDDDDDDD on Twitpic

Can you spot Elder Archuleta?

Elder Archuleta w/ the Rancagua Missionaries

SOME OLD NEW MTC PIX! – source unknown

Another Evening of Inspiration & Music

From the FB of Centro Jas Rancagua Chile

¡El momento ha llegado! Reserva tu lugar para el próximo gran evento del Centro JAS Rancagua – Chile “UNA TARDE CON ELDER COELLO Y ELDER ARCHULETA” el sábado 13 de Octubre de 2012.
Tenemos cupos limitados y para reservar el tuyo debes inscribirte online en:

La única manera en que tu puedes asistir y guardar tu cupo es realizando tu reserva online.

*Evento solo para jóvenes entre 18 y 30 años y que residan en la VI región de Chile*

From Google Translate:

The time has come! Book your place for the next big event JAS Center Rancagua – Chile “AN EVENING WITH ELDER ELDER Coello and ARCHULETA” on Saturday October 13, 2012. We have limited capacity to reserve yours and you must register online at: / center-jas.html

The only way you can go and save your space is making your reservation online.

* The event is only for young people between 18 and 30 years and residing in Chile Region VI *


Probably, the whole Rancagua Mission – credit unknown


Love his smile here – skyping with his sisters )


You can click the image above to make the pic bigger but to see a solo Archie – you know you do, lol see below. I like how he looks here. He looks so relaxed, looks contented 🙂


Who Do Mormons Say Represents Their Faith Positively?

The article reports:

There is substantial variation. When you consider that Mormons overwhelmingly identify as Republicans, it is unsurprising that Mitt Romney is viewed by a large majority of Mormons as positively representing their faith. Romney is viewed on par with personalities such as football player Steve Young and singer David Archuleta (literally a rock star but currently a full-time Mormon missionary).


Source: Unknown


Elder Archuleta w/ Sisters @ MTC cr OhMyHeckArchuleta


Credit to Martha

Credit to Martha

Credit to Martha

Credit to Martha

Credit to Martha

Credit to Martha

NEW PICS post Devotional!

Elder Archuleta on stage during Santiago Devotional




A97dIabCIAAGiHi.jpg large

NEW PICS! Look how tan he is!

Elder Aechuleta & his companion shared their experience on their conversion efforts. See how hard they have worked. (NOte: He has been fasting! No wonder he looked thinner) –

7445135_solo large

Elder Archuleta got shipped away right after we took that picture of us all. Aunt Laurie will be sad ;) Anyway, things here have been awesome - Elder Dunmire from Chile

Elder Archuleta got shipped away right after we took that picture of us all. Aunt Laurie will be sad 😉 Anyway, things here have been awesome – Elder Dunmire from Chile


Feb 17, 2012
NEW PIC! He looked so happy YAY!


OK, you know you want a close look at our Elder 🙂

515790 SOLO_orig