I am waiting, I am waiting, oh yeah, oh yeah.

Can’t get that old Rolling Stones song out of my mind.

While we twiddle our thumbs and listen to enticing snippets, and vent our angst over European countries getting the downloads first (I mean, come on, what’s with that?), here is a question to mull over.  What is your favorite holiday album?  What music do you and yours traditionally listen to during the holidays? I realize that not all of us celebrate Christmas, but since the CD that awaits us draws from the body of Christian traditional music, I hope that all of you will indulge us these questions.

santahatI’m almost afraid to share mine, but here goes.  My daughter has a thing about animals and somehow she got totally hooked on an album called “Jingle Cats.”  Heaven help us, but it’s cats singing all the Christmas favorites. (The world’s first album of songs sung by real cats!) It wouldn’t be Christmas at our house without this CD, but thank goodness, it is blessedly interrupted by selections by Emmylou Harris and Palestrina. Okay, I’ve made my confessions, what are yours?cats

For your listening pleasure (!), here is Angels We Have Heard On High as only the Jingle Cats can sing it.


~ davidfanLIZ

Thanks to Juan Morales for the Christmas CD artwork.  (Dang it, why couldn’t HE have been consulted for the CD cover?)