Home to the Stars

“Home to the Big Stars” — that has been the tagline of Araneta Coliseum, otherwise known as The Big Dome. So is it any wonder why local Archies have been waiting for this moment to arrive? 1st major solo concert at the Big Dome – EPIC!

But there were some trepidation among fans because aside from it being a huge venue, consider these:
1. Concert date is same period as HP7
2. Concert date is midway most pay (salary) period
3. Exam week – both college and high school
4. It is on a Monday — so students, especially on an exam week won’t have the luxury to attend
5. Plenty of competing choices – concerts acts from huge stars and big bands before and after David’s concert. (Like I really wanted to see Incubus but unlike Hermione Granger, I have my priorities straight, LOL! But am an Archie)

In fact, one week before the concert, news circulated that the it was just 19% sold. Verified or not, that piece of info sent shivers to local, and even international Archies.

Leaflets/flyer distribution, radio requests, banner postings, text blasts, CD distribution — all types of promos to help amped the event. Then about a week before the concert, the concert got at least 3 additional major sponsors – Coke, Globe Telecom & Cosmopolitan Mag 🙂

The week prior to the was a hazy and tumultuous launching of M&G and concert ticket give-aways, providing more media mileage and hopefully better ticket sales.

And what a turn-out it was! Let the press do the talking —

Fans & Celebrities Trooped to DA’s Concert by Showbiz Saksi (Filipino term for “witness”) 18 July 2011

DA – 3rd Time in Manila @ InTheLimelight News (18 July 2011)

Julie Anne – David Archuleta’s personal choice @ StarBites BalitangHali (18 Jul 2011)

Post-Concert News by Unang Balita (First News) 19 July 2011

Jampacked Concert reported by Umagang Kay Ganda (What a beautiful Morning) 19 July 2011

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DA Concert – a HUGE Success (as reported by SNN 19 July 2011)

Julie Anne Very Flattered; David ArchuletaTalks About Charice @ 24Oras News (19 Jul 2011)

Julie Anne interviews David Archuleta @ StarTalk (aired 23 July 2011)

DA @ JulieAnne Duet on SBL @ StarTalk (aired 23 July 2011)

The EPIC DALIM Concert

01 Stomping The Roses
02 Other Side of Dow
03 A Little Too Not Over You
04 Love Don’t Hate
05 Everybody Wants to Rule the World
06 Something About Love
07 Touch My Hand
08 My Kind of Perfect
09 Gotta Get Through This
10 My Hands
11 A Thousand Miles
12 Falling Stars
13 Stand By Me
14 Everything and More
15 Elevator
16 Zero Gravity
17 Heaven
18 Crush

Performance Vids + All the Spiels in Between
YUP! Got the whole concert 🙂

Luck was on my side during DALIM3! Due to some problems with other Archies (e.g. Kricket & BF) suddenly losing ticket reservations (yeah you never think that would be possible!) and others wanting to upgrade, a good opportunity presented itself to be creative and whadyaknow?! A week before the concert, I got better seats straight from the promoters that placed me at Row 4 Center Aisle, moving up from Row 7 🙂

Then on concert night, I noticed two seats at Row 2 that still remained vacant 10 minutes before the show started. So I talked to the security detail & usher and asked permission to relocate to those seats if they remain vacant once the show starts. After 100% ascertaining that those seats won’t be occupied, I grabbed Naree by the hand and to Row 2 we went! Hence the best vantage point I ever got for any concert I attended!


Part 02 – EWTRTW, SBL, TMH

Part 03 – MKOP, GGTT mashed w/ MIAB (+ band intro)

Part 04 – MY HANDS, ATM



Part 07 – Encore #s – HEAVEN & CRUSH


01 Stomping The Roses

02 Other Side of Dow

03 A Little Too Not Over You

04 Love Don’t Hate

05 Everybody Wants to Rule the World

05 Everybody Wants to Rule the World in sepia cr booradleigh

06 Something About Love

07 Touch My Hand

08 My Kind of Perfect

09 Gotta Get Through This – Message In a Bottle Mash-up

10 My Hands

11 A Thousand Miles – the Night MNL dazed DA

11 A Thousand Miles in B/W thanks to booradleigh

12 Falling Stars

13 Stand By Me

14 Everything and More – EPIC!

14 Everything and More in sepia thanks to booradleigh

15 Elevator

16 Zero Gravity

17 Heaven

17 Heaven in sepia cr booradleigh

18 Crush

18 Crush in sepia cr booradleigh

That Magnetic Pull

Need I say more? 😉

To David’s “I’d fly a thousand miles just to see you, Manila…”: – the feeling is very much mutual, David.

For people have flown, traveled considerable distance, just to see David Live! – much to the bewilderment of family, friends and colleagues, LOL. I guess it can’t be helped. Once you see David perform in the flesh, there is no escaping that “what-did-just-happen-head smacking-moment”.

The Songs
David has that uncanny ability to pick the best in other people’s songs. We know by now that once he covers a tune he makes it his own, such that it may take some getting used to hearing the original version (chuckle).

In addition to this gift, it’s the material from David’s own pen that makes the most connection with audiences. Love Don’t Hate is a complete surprise for me. It didn’t rank high for me in the CD but when I saw the live version – omygah! And don’t get me started with Everything & More. It is such a shame that it cannot be released in the US. I hope that even if they could not release the TOSOD Asian Tour CD in the US, that they find a way for EAM be released as a single. Once again, another argument for David to release a David Live DVD!

DALIM3 has a different setlist than Indonesia. Instead of WFM & Blackbird, David did SBM & the most epic version of Bryan dam’s Heaven. It was an encore number but it was light years away from his audition piece in Idol. Now that is also another argument why we need to be prepared for what the future holds. After all, this is just David’s 3rd year post-Idol. And he is only 20. Be still my heart…

David delivered a pumped-up and balanced setlist involving hits from his albums, a series of groove-a-licious & dance-worthy pieces, a dreamy stream of lovelorn folk-tales and heart-breaking ballads, well-chosen smattering of hits from 80’s plus a couple of new materials from his newest offering: the TOSOD Asian Tour edition CD (EAM – t.h.u.d.)

The Onstage Persona

This was David’s 1st major solo concert in Manila. So I can only imagine the pressure. The funny thing is I think the pressure is greater for the fans than for David. Seriously, some of us act as if we are the promoters having a stake at the outcome of the ticket sales. LOL, I love my co-Archies!

TRIVIA: You know David’s habit of pulling down his shirt in the middle of a performance? Well in Manila, it is the opposite: he pulls his pants up! I don’t know whether the gadget on his back is tugging at his pants or that the Manila heat is making him lose inches that fast!

The Look
Being a little bit older totally agrees with David. But my goodness, how he has changed! He looks much different now, compared to when we sat down for an interview merely six months ago. I know that he looks good, always. I mean he does not even take a bad picture! But this time around, there was something different about him.

The bottomline – he.is.mighty.fiiiine.

There I have said it!

Indeed, I have not seen any picture or video that has done this young man justice. And being more articulate now (both in voice & hands) and more comfortable with his own skin makes his glow even more dazzling. I cannot believe it myself. After seeing him upclose on several occasions, I went away feeling surreal – every dang time (still shaking head).

Perhaps the break from label and management is doing him better than expected. Perhaps the freedom to be on his own and enjoy some time thinking through stuff, instead of being told what to do, when to say, how to act, etc… has earned him a measured level of confidence. This was in full display onstage that night.

Am so proud of and happy for him 🙂

The Crowd

You know that we are a cra-zeh bunch. It was a love-fest that concert night. The amore probably got too much even for David that he totally got flustered midway ATM. As in he totally lost the song for a good minute, LOL! Others may take that as an unprofessional and unfortunate breakdown in his performance but you know what? Not for me. And I think the almost 14,000-strong adoring audience that night would agree. I think what was critical was how he handled it.

You guys made me freeze… after seeing all that! (coupled with that mega-watt smile)

It was heart-warming to see concert goers from the different demographics. Probably this is more true in Manila or Asia. But the audience that night was just not the tweenies. You got dads, moms, husbands and wives, young couples, old couples, siblings, mothers & daughters and group of students dancing and swaying to the music — all enjoying themselves.

In terms of nationality, I was pleasantly surprised to see a lot of non-Pinoys in the crowd. We know that we will have an international row in the VIP section where we met Archies from Malaysia, Australia, Korean and Saudi Arabia (waving to Shu Yee & Trace Ho!!!) ! But I was pleasantly surprised to see Caucasians, Chinese, Japanese, etc.. among the crowd happily chatting about their experience. Some of them didn’t know David at all or only knew him from Idol. But had a pleasant concert experience from David.

Post-Concert Recon
Here is an example of a conversation between a 60yo mom and a 40yo daughter in the escalator.

Mom: Thank you for bringing me here. I didn’t know he was that good.
Daughter: See I told you you would enjoy this, mom!
Mom: Those notes! How can he sing like that and jump all over the stage?
Daughter: I know. He is really amazing.
Mom: And he looks so sweet. He is handsome!
Daughter: I KNOW!

It was like watching a commercial. I had to bit my lip to avoid joining the convo, LOL.

I went around to gather more sound bites. Old or young, new to Archuleta or veteran Archie – the impact and feedback were unanimous: They enjoyed the concert and that David’s voice was divine. Oh, and he looked hawt!

The Voice
But David’s pièce de résistance, remains that honey-tinged, crystal-clear caress on one’s soul.

It doesn’t matter whether he is belting out or going into his lower registers or delivering that to-die-for chest tone, David simply reels you in.

And his voice is stronger than ever before. The tropics does wonders to his voice 🙂 I am very tempted to say that that is another argument for him to stay in Asia but I might get pummeled by my online buddies, LOL

Someone once said that David’s eyes are so clear and open one could drown in them. Then you hear him sing and whoa! Literally, you get electrified by his voice. It is a call that is hard to ignore. You experience that inherent wistfulness in his vocals tugging at you. You know what I mean, right?

Only me and you and the band…

David’s stamp is unmistakably all over the production. Simple, down-to-earth set and setlist. No gimmickry, no circus, no bombastic set. Just him, his band, his music, his voice, his message.

Just David. And we wouldn’t want it any other way.

And I know that feeling ain’t going away. Welcome to your (new) liiiiife. {you know you’re supposed to sing these last 2 lines, right? 🙂 }


Postscript: I also marvel at people have remained fierce and passionate about their love for David and his music. Fans come and go but am happy to see that the loyal and reliable base is still there. I also see new people or re-energized fans. However, like any growing community or organization, the fanbase at times may run into, errrm for lack of a better term, a snag. And when there is friction, one hopes that they can be set aside to focus on the issue at hand — supporting David and his music. I just draw the line when nasty behavior such as bullying occurs. Totally opposite of what David represents and that makes me sad. Let me just say that when I am asked, there will be some who won’t be getting any ringing endorsement from me. Good thing am just a small town fan…

Postscript #2 — Am not the one singing in the background of the concert vids, ok?

Postscript #3 — 4 hours from the concert and I got a text that I won two tickets to David’s concert. I literally burned tires just to get the tickets across town, meet 2 young friends to whom I gifted the tickets, meet other international archies to distribute their tickets and be on my seat in time for the concert. Whew!

The Day David Rode a Jeepney

Once again, the epic concert @ The Big Dome

Download the MP3 of the whole concert HERE