TDC thinks this is one cause worth exploring so we are featuring it here. Let’s hear it from @DA2014FitClub!

I’d Walk a Thousand Miles For David Archuleta

Our campaign to walk/run 1000 miles as a tribute for David and BEGIN. kicked off on August 7th along with the BEGIN. CD. We’re excited to give our first progress report! We’ve had 20 people reporting their mileage for a group total of 152.6 miles for this short week. We’ll be reporting each week, so join us in our efforts to get fit and celebrate BEGIN.

The only rules are:
1. Follow @DA2014FitClub on twitter.
2. if you don’t have a twitter account, you can email us at [email protected]
3. Report how many miles you walk or run and let us know if it’s kilometers or miles. You may report daily or weekly and we’ll keep track. ANY distance is great. We have people walking any amount from ¼ mile to many miles.

Remember ¼ mile 4 times a week equals a mile for David and BEGIN.

We would like for you to send a twitpic or twitvid of yourself to @DA2014fitclub. If you’re camera-shy, you can make it of your feet or legs or from the back, but we’d really love to see your smiling face.

BEGIN. walking or running with us. It’s fun, motivating and healthy!
~ @DA2014FitClub


What are you waiting for? Let’s Lace up & BEGIN!

– JR
ps: here is an update from @DA2014FitnessClub