davidvermeerThe David fan community has created a wealth of artistic projects. Recently we shared Jennifer Barry’s photography and her calendars. Today we go within our community here at The David Chronicles to share some portraits sketched by vermeer. She created these portraits of David and of Lupe as gifts for them. The picture of David was given to him back in September with the proviso that if he found it a bit embarrassing to have a sketch of himself, he could give it to his mother. It turned out that Lupe was traveling on the bus with David at the time (during the AI tour) and she kept it in her bunk.

lupevermeer Vermeer met Lupe at the After-Party after the Idaho Falls solo tour show, and they talked about the David portrait and also about the portrait of Lupe, which was then unfinished. Lupe joked that vermeer shouldn’t draw her because David is better looking than she is! Vermeer was able to pass on the finished portrait to the Archuleta family through the kindness of Brett Hales. Hope that David liked it!

If you have fan art or poetry to share, send me a note through the Contact page.
~ davidfanLIZ