Our very own Erin was lucky enough to attend one of David’s rehearsals in L.A. this week and provided a delightfully breathless report in a series of comments in yesterday’s post. I thought I would compile them and add her wonderful images for all to enjoy. More pics and reports after the jump.

Thanks, Erin!

I had the time of my life last night! I got to go and see David rehearse! I’m in a cloud and can’t believe I was witnessing such greatness! I got to just hang out and talk to David and got to see him being himself. What a gift! Right now I’m at a loss for words. Many times during any of the conversation with David, something we were talking about would trigger a song and he would start singing it! It was so cute and just amazing! I told him he needs to call me Aunt Erin now, ha, ha.

He was signing the CD covers, a whole big box of them. I was talking to him about music and just whatever while he stood there and then helped put the covers back in the box. How cool is that? then every once in a while he would just sing….wow! the stylist was there too and after rehearsal he was trying on different outfits for each song. He looks good in anything. He’s just adorable. I love to see him in jackets, that’s my favorite. A really cute moment with him was us sitting on the couch and having a Sprinkles cupcake. I asked David what will be the next single. The label decides that.

Jeff was there and is always so gracious to me. He talks to us about David just like we see him. It’s our favorite thing to talk about. I told him I know what it’s like to grow up listening to a trumpet player. (Jeff’s a trumpet player and my brother is also one, they went to college together and played together) He just laughed, so we talked about that for a while.

The songs sound just amazing and he’s such a hard worker. He really puts everything into every song. Just amazing! I stood right in front of him and before he started I teased him and told him, ”Come on, David, sing to me.” He sang Touch My Hands to me. OMG! Just amazing and can’t get that tune out of my head, it’s so catchy!

I talked with each of the band members too. Such a nice group of guys, really. I told then that they are so lucky that they are at the beginning of such greatness. I think they all know how special David is. I asked his band members, are you ready for this? Do you know what you’ve gotten yourself into? This the beginning and just wait what is yet to come! They all agreed, which was really cool. I also told David, are you ready for this? When your CD officially hits, it’s the big time, baby!

Some of his band members sing background with him, it’s just beautiful. I’m thinking that these are probably the songs that he’ll be doing, which everyone will be presently surprised how amazing they are all together. He was just doing the vocals and really started getting into songs. He [did seem] tired. He puts his all in on every song, so that really takes all of his energy out.

I did ask him what was his favorite song on his CD, he said he wasn’t sure yet, doesn’t have a favorite right now. I told him I love the other one he wrote too, Don’t Let Go. He asked how much of it could I hear, I told him, just the part Don’t Let Go and asked him, how does it go before that? Then he sang it for me. Melt, melt, melt. I’m a puddle of mush…

I hugged him when we were leaving and told him we all love him. I’m surprised I’m typing right now…