Photo credit: David Archuleta Indo


Yesterday, 16 Oct 2012, I saw this tweet:

David Archuleta Indo ‏@DavidArchieIndo
[INFO] Tomorrow Archies Indonesia on Dreamers radio 7-9 PM (Jakarta Time) supported by @DreamersRadioID @ArchangelsAAI

And just an hour ago, Dreamers Radio, an Indonesian radio station, featured David for two straight hours. They talked AllThingsDavid and played only his music (they brought all David’s album to the radio).

“We’re gonna talk about how sexy David Archuleta is,” said DJ. The DI asked about his 2 years mission, his trip to India, which part of David’s body you like?! LOL LOL

Unfortunately the whole broadcast was in the local language so except for the music, I hardly understood a thing! But thanks to @lantu0602 for live-tweeting so we have an idea of what transpired 🙂

Lastly, L also shared a never-before-seen-pic

Thanks L!


L of Indonesia, you rock!