David in Layton 2015

It just isn’t Christmas without a David Archuleta concert.

David gave two Christmas concerts in Layton yesterday – an afternoon and an evening performance. Videos are starting to appear, so we will post them as they are uploaded.















Mary’s Boy thanks to ShellyFOD


Melodies of Christmas thanks to ShelleyFOD

O Holy Night

BEST. DAY. EVER. #Davidarchuleta

Posted by Elise Weidman on Saturday, December 12, 2015


O Holy Night Thanks to ShelleyFOD


The First Noel Thanks to ShelleyFOD


Silent Night Thanks to ShelleyFOD


Everybody Hurts thanks to  ShelleyFOD


Est Ne le Divin Enf thanks to ShelleyFOD


Pat A Pan thanks to ShelleyFOD


The Prayer with Gracie Shram thanks to ShellleyFOD


What Child is This thanks to ShelleyFOD


What Child is This thanks to FD1099


Riu Riu Chiu thanks to ShelleyFOD


All I want for Christmas~Last Christmas~Jingle Bell Rock Medley


Christmas Time is Here thanks to ShelleyFOD


Parachutes and Airplanes thanks to ShelleyFOD


White Christmas thanks to ShelleyFOD