It’s a marvel the world keeps spinning
Sometimes I wonder how
The angels must be winning
In spite of what we humans still allow.

What passes for a good idea
Just amazes me
And how it’s wrapped and sold to us
Is simply trickery.

And along comes David,
So beautiful to see
Captivating audiences
from sea to shining sea!

But look into those eyes, my friend
And look into them deep
You’ll see that it’s an inside job
And he intends to keep….

Our souls together, whole
Wrapped up in a fleecy
All snuggly in his heart
Wherein we share his peace.

Yup, it’s an inside job
Within that outer beauty
Laughing ‘cross the stage he goes
Shaking his little booty!

And you can laugh at me, you see
It really doesn’t matter
If I’m the Fool on the Hill
Or maybe the Mad Hatter.

‘Cus David’s gonna get you
Exactly where you live,
Wherever you’ve been hiding–
It’s what he’s come to give.

Yup, it’s an inside job
and David’s doing the hiring!
So open up your heart
And let him do the rewiring.

– highervibe, 3/17/09