I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for keeping the very interesting discussions here on an even keel. David is now and will continue to grow as a cultural phenomenon, and it is reasonable and illuminating to investigate with intelligence (and occasional silliness — you know who you are!) all that this implies.

As a means of clarifying to those who may wonder about the parameters of discussion here on notingDavid, it may be helpful to think of it this way: What David chooses to put out there is up for discussion; what he chooses to keep private is not. It is really as simple as that.

It may also be helpful to remember that David’s work — his music, of course, but also his image (by way of photographs and videos, appearances and interviews, etc.) — should always to a certain extent be distinguished from David the person. Naturally, an artist and his work are fundamentally intertwined, but of course no one is fully defined by their work. I very much appreciate those who feel protective, even defensive, about David. So it is important to understand that if discussions proceed into areas that some may find controversial or–horrors!–even critical, that it is the work and the artist being explored, not the person.

Indeed, I am suspicious of discussions that proceed under the premise of David’s “character.” We cannot presume to know David’s real character. We don’t know how he is in business, for example, or how he is within the confines of family; what he is like in the dimensions of personal and romantic relationships, or even of his faith–about which he has never spoken openly. It is not our right as his public to expect to know these things. David has displayed a remarkably solid, refreshing, luminous public persona, and I have no doubt that it is absolutely genuine and closely reflective of his own true nature. But it does David a disservice to assume that we’re getting a full and complete picture of his character. No artist should be expected to reveal that much of themselves — outside of their art.

For it is indeed in his art where David is most revealing; where he has the incredible courage and magnificent skill to lay bare the deepest reaches of his soul. In the end, there is nothing else we need to know about the man that cannot be found in his music. To quote Oscar Hammerstein, “all the rest is talk.”