FROM mikesd: I’ve never had an out of body experience but I came pretty close last night. Meeting David again was amazing but the acoustic portion… Nearly took me to another plane. It was as if David said, “Come on into the studio with me while I lay down these two songs for my CD.” No other sounds but his voice and piano. Sitting just a few feet away gave me an ability to observe his facial nuances as he masterfully wrang every note dry. (I get a chill just thinking about it again.) While we all know and see his power on stage, this experience was on a different level. For me time literally stood still and it was the wild applause that brought me back. “Gifted” doesn’t even come close to what I saw and heard last night. “The Voice?” No, THE Voice. Period. There is no disputing this.

FROM davidfanLIZ:  The VIP experience.  Wow.   If you have the chance to do this, don’t pass it up.  It is worth every penny.  The overwhelming experience is the voice.  In an acoustic VIP session, the voice is so powerful.  No drums, no guitars, no screaming Demi fans. Just the voice with a bit of piano accompaniment.  This is a voice that literally realigns the cellular structure of your body.  The voice somehow saturates your soul and takes you to a different place.  I had the feeling that all I wanted in life was to be lost inside that voice, to lose myself completely in that sound.  Pure heaven.

And then David is so damn sweet.  The banter was lovely.  Three lucky people at the VIP were chosen by lottery to ask questions. The first asked if David would ever record songs in Spanish or Portuguese. David answered that he was very interested in this idea, and it simply depended  on management decisions.  He then offered that there would be a traditional Spanish song on the Xmas album. The second question was where in the world he would travel if he could go anywhere.  Japan was his answer.  He said that he is very interested in anime and that his sister Amber sends him all kinds of anime trivia.   It turned out that the two girls asking the question were Japanese-American.  They too wanted to visit Japan. “We’ll have to go there together,” he said.  The two girls practically melted on the spot.

The third question was a song request.  Great use of a question in my opinion.   All I really wanted was for him to sing another song.  The request was for “I’ll be.”  David sang a bit of it, and it was lovely, lovely, lovely.   David also offered that he was trying to not talk too much, to save his voice, because it was LA.  When asked if he was nervous to perform on the Nokia stage, the same stage as the finale AI show, he said that he was not nervous, but was excited.  He also shared that Brooke White, Jason Castro, Benton Paul and family members were coming to the show, which made it special for him.

There were about 100 of us at the VIP, but Mike (who wore plaid for the occasion) and I were only a few feet away from David as he sat at the piano.  Seeing him so close and so relaxed was a pleasure.  David is gorgeous, there is no getting around that, and he is also gracious and kind.  Watching him interact and stand patiently for photos with 100 people was a joy to watch.  He paid close attention to every person, and listened patiently.  He was respectful to each, and honored each of his – let’s face it – somewhat crazy fans.  When it was my turn for a photo, I held his hand and told him that I loved what he was doing in the world, and that his music gives me so much joy.  We posed for the picture, and as I left he said, “It’s good to see you again.”  I decided to accept that he really meant that, and that he really remembered me.  It may or may not be true, but I am enjoying the feeling.

Concert highlights:  “Works for Me” was off-the-charts fabulous, strong and sassy.   “Don’t Let Go” did not disappoint for depth of passion, plus he sang the phrase “We know how to save a life.”  “Apologize” was agonizing and poignant.  And “Zero Gravity” rocked the house.  Good times!

My overriding thought:  David is completely comfortable in his skin.  He was gracious and patient at the VIP.  He was passionate and powerful on stage.  David is at the top of his game.