2016 Tour Begins

Fans are cheering that David Archuleta is back on a mini tour with the first 2016 performance on March 9, at the Bellco Theater Tina @archietTinaBellco Theater in Denver, CO.  We’ll be updating this post throughout the day as news and videos surface.



Holly @hollyreFOD supplied fans with a lovely picture of the setlist:

Setlist 2


Videos are coming out now!


Somewhere Only We Know thanks to ShelleyFOD

Don’t Run Away

Don’t Run Away thanks to ShelleyFOD

Something About Love thanks to msjhbs18

Tarzan Medley thanks to 1lizd

Tarzan Medley thanks to ShelleyFOD

Beautiful thanks to 1lizd

Beautiful thanks to msjhbs18

Beautiful thanks to ShelleyFOD

MKOP thanks to msjhbs18

Seven Years thanks to 1lizd

Seven Years thanks to ShelleyFOD

Parachutes and Airplanes thanks to 1lizd

Pride thanks to lizd

Pride thanks to SheleyFOD

Everybody Hurts thanks to ShelleyFOD

Crush thanks to lizd

Nunca Pense thanks to 1lizd

Elevator/Touch My Hand thanks to 1lizd

Crush screaming and Nunca Pense thanks to ShelleyFOD

Glorious thanks to suttygal


BONUS!  Tina got the whole concert on Periscope