After capping off several weeks of malls, parking lots and pizza joints with an appearance on Nikelodeon’s iCarly, I have to acknowledge that my earlier speculations on David’s marketing strategy were all wrong. Mea Culpa.

Jive is clearly not marketing David to teenagers. They are going after ten year-olds. And really, why not? What better way to insure that David’s nuanced technique, his enormous emotional intelligence, his rare and sublime vocal artistry will emerge into its rightful place in American audience appreciation… twenty years from now? That’s insurance we can all appreciate!

I agree with the sentiments expressed here recently that David himself has some work to do in order to encourage what is becoming a badly needed course correction: No one is going to take him seriously as an artist until he makes the decision to take himself seriously as an artist. I have no doubt that he takes his music seriously. But it’s time for him to acknowledge his skill and his power and take responsibility for it.

Otherwise, the chances of seeing David on the cover of Rolling Stone will become inversely proportional to the chances of seeing him on the cover of Kraft Lunchables.