It was a difficult day to #FollowArchuleta. I had a deadline to beat at work and it being a Saturday, I had some pressing domestic chores to attend to. Motherhood duties beckon, LOL.

So much as I want to line up at the earliest for David’s last back-to-back signing sessions, I could not.

So am thankful for Lorma & Naree who made sure I got my Bench purchases in time to get the early entrant tag.

But even when I got there 2.5 hours before the event started, finding parking space was a challenge. It was so full and the waiting line was uuuunbelievable, I didn’t even make it Megamall’s entrance.

So I ended up parking at The Shang!


DA @ Signing – SM Megamall (18 Feb 2012)

DA @ Signing Part 2- SM Megamall (18 Feb 2012)

DA – WAIT a-capella @ The Block, SM North (18 Feb 2012)

It was so funny or bittersweet. David started talking about this being his last performance, when the signing session had not even started… only David!

DA @ Signing – The Block, SM North (18 Feb 2012)

And, this is BenchTV’s footage

Interesting that @lorms was able to film this last performance from the left side of the stage – which was what you saw on the Ustream. Meanwhile Naree took the front

and I was able to find a post at the right side. We had all angels covered! And we didn’t even plan on it!

DA – Narito Ako acapella @ Bench Launch SM The Block (18 Feb 2012)

All in all, this was such a surprisingly eventful day. You see I didn’t expect to get so much from the back-2-back autograph sessions cos I was ill-prepared with all the other tasks I had that day.

But it turned out so much more than expected. I didn’t expect to get anything signed cos I wasn’t sure if there was enough time to buy the Bench items so we can be given a free pass inside the venue. But we did – on both SM Megamall and The Block signing!

Didn’t expect to have music that afternoon, and there we were, mesmerized by two a-capellas!

Thank goodness to co-Archies who were willing to get the Bench purchases for me and to other fans willing to give up their spot so I can take a better shot. Thanks also to my brother – who busted me for being there (LOL). He had a breakfast meeting with a client at Gloria Maris Resto which was just across the activity center. So they shot the Wait footage, while they were on the look out for me. He knows me too well, LOL!

When we met at the escalator as I was about to enter the activity center. Naree & Lorms were wondering who he was – probably because he was TALL – a 6-footer! He was impressed with David of course but found him talkative! I had to stop myself from saying that David could talk the whole day and we will be fine with it. I think that is sharing too much information, right? Even between siblings…

I likewise didn’t expect to learn from Kari that David opened our gifts the night before (the ones Naree and I were unable to give during the Bench Launch @ Trinoma) and how much they appreciated them. To hear Kari say that it was a most thoughtful gift… you can imagine how that made me feel

I also didn’t expect that we will be allowed to have all the pictures that we have, signed by him. He was so generous with his time and attention.


01 From @BCBench