sweatrabbitThere is something about being human that needs, and indeed, demands passion in order to be fully alive. That passion can be found in music, the great visual arts, writing, or performance. It is a vital, magical component of existence that takes us out of ourselves, and returns us to our ordinary lives enriched and more complete than we were before.

It is David’s passion for what he loves that makes him the larger-than-life person he becomes on stage. Without this passion, his superlative voice would still be well worth listening to, but we would not have ODD. It is his passion that imbues his voice with the power to connect his heart to ours, and is, I believe, his true genius.

My first attempt at making a video was a playful experiment. I wanted to see what I could do and have fun in the process. It is a tongue firmly planted in cheek attempt to portray David’s sensual nature as something that must be reckoned with. In Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man,” the lyrics demanded a sensual charisma that David is more than capable of satisfying.

pomonaaintFor my second video, I had a difficult time choosing the song. Then David sent out a blog and handed me the song I had been looking for: Matt Dukes’ “Rabbit.” I loved it from the start. On repeated listening, I heard the lines, “all your broken bones in a heap,” and “all your blood and guts are exposed,” as a reference to the sacrifice and courage an artist endures to bring their gift to the world.

My latest effort was to Sade’s “I Couldn’t Love You More.” As always, the song tells me what to do. The slow, soulful, sultry, groove of Sade seemed to demand that the video be done for the most part in slow motion. This, and only this, was my reason for using the effect.

In fact, many of the clips, when played back in real time, were more sensual and powerful that way than in slow motion. David has the gift of scintillating soul in his voice and movements that will, I believe and hope, become even more evident in his performances as he matures. Lyrically, it is an ode to ODD, of how absolutely and completely his fans love him. To those of us blessed to get him, he is pure, unadulterated joy.

~ Angelica

Video #1: “Ain’t No Other Man”

Video #2: “Rabbit”

Video #3: “I Couldn’t Love You More”