If there is one thing that David earned during his not-so-brief stay in Manila, it is his new level of maturity. This is evident in his interviews, in the changes he has been making over his career choices and very much recently, his take of Nandito Ako, performed with his idols, Regine Velasquez & Ogie Alcasid, popularly referred to as Mr. & Mrs. A.

Look at his confidence! The tentativeness has ebbed giving way to him claiming the spotlight that is rightfully his, yet remained generous to his hosts. Regine & Ogie on the other hand were gracious hosts, letting their guest shine. There was no upstaging anyone. Just three uber-talented artists with a healthy dose of self respect and sensitivity creating harmonies for us to savor.

I didn’t expect to get an upclose footage cos we were only holding patron seats. Then the batteries of the cameras I usually borrow from Naree or Lorma both gave in.

When Regine was halfway through her Whitney Houston tribute, it suddenly hit me that this would be the highlight of the concert. And since all of the advertised guests had performed, David would be next – that is if David would be appearing!

So I made my way to the lower portion of the patron area, initially planning to seat on the stairs for a closer view. But I noticed that people were just freely walking along the sidelines of the VIP section of the concert floor. So I thought, “Why not?!” So I gingerly made my way along the sidelines. Lo and behold, Ogie started talking about a certain song. I knew then that David was in the house!

Audience Reaction

As soon as David appeared on the horizon, my chest literally felt the crowds’ rumbling rising to a level that was not there earlier in the concert. Cameras started flashing everywhere with his surprise appearance. The heightened energy was so palpable I could almost taste it. And it was flavored with excitement and adulation.

Suddenly everyone around me was scrambling – which should explain why my footage was jittery in a major way in most parts. (But at least I got an upclose view, right?) Add to that my new-found fear: I was literally & actually trembling while video-taping!

You see, this wasn’t a DA affair. The crowd was not your usual cra-zeh, spazzing Archie-lot. So I was wary of the crowd’s reaction, especially since David’s appearance was never announced nor confirmed.

But I should not have doubted. The audience loved him! The look on Regine’s & Ogie’s faces when they were singing with David was priceless. There was fondness. There was respect. Mutually star-strucked parties.

And let me add this: it is such a thrill and honor to hear David Archuleta sing a Tagalog song. I have always dreamed of it but never thought it would actually happen. During DALIM 1, it was one of my questions during the M&G – whether he would entertain singing a Tagalog-penned composition. But it was such a short M&G (5 minutes – actually just a See & Bye kind of thing, remember that one?!) so it was never asked publicly.

To hear him, see him, sing in my language… Watch him caress every word, modulate on the right syllable, be emphatic on certain phrases – delivering the lines like it was from his gut, from his very soul…


Thank you David, Regine & Ogie for a fantastic rendition of Nandito Ako. I could not be more proud as an Archie.

My cup runneth over, with your song, David.

~ jackryan4DA
ps: I just learned that they did not have time to practice for this performance as David was neck deep finishing recording his OPM album and shooting for photos and vids to be used for the album. Just shows you how the professionals wing it!

ps2: The next day was TV5’s Trade Launch dubbed as TV5 OverDrive. This is an event done by all networks where they present their programming for the coming season to all advertisers. It is held 2x a year and David was there to perform the theme song of his mini-series 🙂

I had a meeting so I could not attend but recorded the live streaming instead —
David @ TV5 Trade Launch (15 Feb 2012)