The Diamond Ballroom was flooded with people waiting in line to meet and greet David Archuleta on his last stop on the summer tour. Fortunately the line of 100+ fans moved quickly because David had to greet each of us and be onstage in less than an hour. It didn’t give me much time to gather my thoughts as I stood in line, but still the anticipation was unnerving.

After waiting for what seemed like forever, to finally see THE VOICE up close was exhilarating. We all know that David is a feast for the eyes, but it was very apparent that he’s so much more. Gracious, kind and respectful as he honored each fan who came to greet him and listened intently to what we had to say.  Watching him stand patiently for photos with over 100 people, while interacting with us all was sheer bliss.

As some of you know, I had agonized over this day since way before the show was postponed from August until November. Imagining myself talking to David was rather difficult! What would I say? There’s so much to tell him! Should I tell him how passionately his fans love him? Should I tell him how beautiful his voice is? how inspiring he is? how he changes lives every day? Should I share with him the  stories I’ve heard about how he has helped people get through personal crises and about the peace he has brought to so many? Do I remind him that he should have no doubts that he is currently serving his mission? How can you put all that into words in one short minute, while looking into those emerald green eyes that speak volumes of integrity and truth?

Well none of that happened. I had no control of what came out of my mouth.  With only a minute to speak, this is the conversation that transpired:

David: Hiiiiiiii!

Me: Hi David….. Remember those letters for you to sing the song “One”?

David: Huh?

Me: Do you know the song “One”, by U2?  Remember the letters you received from your fans, encouraging you to sing the full song?

David: OH YEAH!!!!

Me: Oh good. I started that campaign and collected the letters that were sent to you.

David: Ohhhh, thank you soooo much!

(At this point they got us in place for the pictures but we continued talking like ventriloquists, while posing for Kristin. I stopped to take a deep breath and he smelled so good, so fresh!)

Me: (through clenched teeth) So….do you think you’ll sing it?

David: I don’t know! (he giggled through his smile for the camera)

But I really like that song!


Then “Stan the Man”, my husband spoke to him.

Stan the Man: David, I teach music. I wish I had 100 students like you!!!

David: Awww. (**BIG SMILE**) Thank you!!!!

As we were walking away….

David: Thanks, you guys, for coming!!!!David - VIP

For me, time literally stood still and it was the energy in the room that brought me back. Oddly, it was “Stan the ODD-less Man” who got the million dollar smile and the handshake from David. But he did not get what I got. He did not feel the magic, or experience the natural high, nor the  strong rush of emotion followed by a sense of peace and fulfillment that has not left me yet.

My magic moment, indeed.  And I’ll take that any day.

~ Bebereader