Back in April of 2009, Noting David closed and The David Chronicles was born. The site is and was self-hosted on WordPress and so the design came from a theme purchased from Envato themes.

Rascal worked his design magic and created a header and custom theme that was interesting and useful in helping people find the latest news and the historical articles and posts that make this “the chronicles”.

But, of course, times change, and technology advances. Our theme hadn’t had a technical update since 2013 and we were getting pretty worried that we were now open to a security risk. Not so much in that the content is sensitive, but that the server we are hosted on certainly needs to be protected.

And so we went on the hunt for a new theme in a format that would still serve the purpose. We look at this site as a sort of magazine and an archive of articles filed under a large number of categories that allows people to find items by topic and year, such as Performances in 2011 or Official Songs. And so we needed to be able to make the transition from the old theme to the new without loosing that capability.

And so, we release out new look for The David Chronicles. You’ll recognize the header design by Rascal – we didn’t want people to be confused when they came here and keeping the header seemed like a good idea (we may change that too, later on). And we love our large pictures of David – every fan site makes use of the photogenic qualities of David in this way and we are no exception.

There may be changes as the site is now in a flexible theme -we can quickly move sections around, change the category of a section with a single check box, add or remove homepage sections and then later add them back with a few keystrokes.

We look forward to adding new content as David reinvents himself and his career, as he seems to be in the process of doing. And we will chronicle those changes until …. something drastic changes.

For now, welcome to the new The David Chronicles.