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The mood for the past week has been about reminiscing and revisiting anythingDavid. Well, seven months into his mission, what can you expect, right?

Then the fandom comes alive suddenly with some unexpected newbits on our guy!


David Gets featured on Galaxie Mag

credit Aisimchan

Thanks to @Pocoelsy & Aisimchan for tweeting them!



Then the fanbase came alive when a leaked song “DON’T RUN AWAY” leaked. I just had to smile with the build-up of reaction

The song was also featured in Thanks Marlie for the link!

As expected, Kari got tons of questions from Archies which prompted her this explanation

Lots of questions about “Don’t Run Away” It is an unreleased song from David that was recorded awhile back that has been leaked. (KS)

What do you think of the song?



Here is the link to the station which premiered it —


TP Guesting Revisited

Meanwhile over the weekend, his guesting in Talentadong Pinoy Worldwide was briefly revisited. Here is a clip of it

This video has been added to the respective DALIM4 page here in TDC which you may want to revisit cos I’ve added some goodies in there 😉

But the best news came from Kari when she tweeted —


David Gets featured on Galaxie Mag

And Kari’s response to a question from @JoyYap as to whose idea was the rainbow remix:

@JoyYap it was D’s idea because our driver Sherwin had a remix of Rainbow that even @jaydurias had never heard that we would have Sherwin play over and over again when we were in the van. I would say it was our “theme song” So after talking to Jay, David recorded a different version that has a little faster speed to it and then Jay worked his magic. Not knowing what we would do with it one day.


Forevermore Expanded Edition


Just another regular day in Archuland, eh?