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Fresh from his Nandito Ako Press Launch / Cast Party, David left Manila at dawn to fulfill another Asian engagement, this time in the Lion City.

TV5 Interaksyon reports:

MANILA, Philippines – He dressed so simply, moved so quietly, that fans nearly missed singer-songwriter and TV5 contract star David Archuleta when he left for Singapore early morning Sunday to take a quick break and meet his legion of fans in the Lion City.

His departure from NAIA Terminal 1 surprised passengers and some airport personnel who barely recognized the American Idol sensation as he arrived in a casual getup of jeans and green-and-black-striped round-neck T-shirt.

The 21-year-old star, who had been busy the past days taping for the TV5 miniseries “Nandito Ako”, and recording the theme song, checked in at the Singapore Airline business counter with his road manager and two Filipino assistants.

His Filipino road manager politely declined requests for photo ops and interviews with the young singer, who was looking tired after having only a few hours of sleep and an early morning airport call.

Only a handful of airport observers recognize the teen star, and after passing through the immigration formalities, he then excused himself and proceeded to the airport VIP departure lounge to freshen up.

By the time news broke of his impending departure, airport fans missed him entering the restricted Singapore Airlines lounge prior to his boarding the flight to Singapore.

But the singer, who wowed local fans with his flawless rendition of “Nandito Ako” in unaccented Tagalog, had a different tune: “I will be back” were the last words he uttered to security personnel manning the final security check prior to his boarding the flight.

[VIDEO: David Archuleta sings his full version of ‘Nandito Ako’, live at the launch of his TV5 teleserye]

Archuleta, who had three Manila visits prior to this one – the last of which was in July 2011 for a solo concert – had earlier signed up with the Kapatid Network to do a 3-week mini-series with local teen stars Eula Caballero and Jasmine Curtis.

Earlier, he met celebrity couple Regine Velasquez and singer Ogie Alcasid in a recording studio for the final recording session for his miniseries’ title song, “Nandito Ako (I Am Here)”, which was originally popularized by Alcasid.


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Live Chat with David Archuleta

Date – 7 Feb 2012
Time – 12 noon

Make a date with American Idol singer David Archuleta! Be the first in Singapore to do a live chat with them. Drop us your questions on twitter via hashtag #ArchieinSG

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Please note:

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  • NOTE: kari twitted that the chat video will be posted later
    Here you go!

    DA INTERVIEW W/ XINMSN Entertainment

    Singer-actor David Archuleta turns missionary

    The American Idol runner-up talks about why he is putting his music on hold to serve as a missionary, plus his acting debut in a Philippine TV series

    David Archuleta may only be 21-years-old but there is no question the young star is wise beyond his years.

    In just a couple of months, he will vacate the limelight to go on a two-year Mormon mission in an undisclosed country – an undertaking he was motivated to pursue after seeing how lives have changed for his friends who embarked on it.

    “Reading some of the news of my friends who have been on missions, they’ve really matured in their spirituality. And their understanding for life changed, just by giving everything up to help other people. I really admired them and I want to make that same sacrifice for a good cause,” David, who is currently in town to perform at a private showcase tonight, told xinmsn in an interview yesterday.

    As determined as he seems, the decision didn’t come easy for David. He said, “It’s hard…thinking if it’s worth it to give up everything that I’ve worked so hard for in my music and having to leave my family.”


    “I’m not giving up [on music],” he said. “Before I leave, I’m going to try to record as much as I can so that even though I’m gone, I’m going to be releasing songs for my fans. I don’t want to leave them with nothing…I’m going to miss them.

    And as if the interviews are not enough, he even recorded a blog!


    Tonight @ Avalon cr @Salamahafifi

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    In Avalon now, drinking & winking at the Singaporean beautiful ladies here. They’re HOT! Woohoo!!!