Update: Jeff Archuleta had indeed received pre-authorization from someone at 19 Entertainment before he put everything in motion, and was reportedly very surprised when they changed their tune and pulled the plug. The producers apparently felt that a David concert would dilute interest in the Idol tour. There are two dates in Salt Lake, the first is sold out and the second is close to being sold out.

Well, I can’t say I’m surprised.

In yet another exertion of their iron-fisted power, 19 Entertainment has seen fit to crush the good intentions of David Archuleta by prohibiting his effort to selflessly express his gratitude to the people of Salt Lake City for their extraordinary support of him–and 19 Entertainment’s programming–during this year’s season of American Idol. This after allegedly giving Team David an initial thumbs-up for the event.

According to several Utah news outlets, the family thought they had a verbal agreement, but 19 Entertainment said late yesterday that “no one on the American Idol tour is allowed to make a public appearance until after the concert has passed through the town.” The tour dates in the SLC region are already sold out.

For good or ill, I have acclimated to the necessity of considering anything Idol-related with suspicion and skepticism. It immediately occurred to me upon learning of this concert that it was decidedly uncharacteristic of the ferociously controlling organization. Because there are nine other tour talents who could also conceivably fill venues on their own, the reluctance to license a potential chain reaction is perhaps understandable.