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From the time the track listing of David’s 6th studio album had been released, fan reaction has been like a pendulum on a swing – from the expected spazz-like kind to downright disappointment – the latter being a surprise.

The spazzfest that ensued is par for the course, I suppose. I mean we are a spazz-infested fandom, aren’t we? LOL. But it is taking me a while to comprehend the disappointment I have been getting from some fans.

Is the disenchantment coming from the album having just one bonafide new song? After Forevermore and BEGIN., do we realistically expect to have a spanking new album with all fresh tracks?

Considering that our guy was recording till the eve of his departure for BEGIN., when do we realistically expect him to work on some more fresh tracks?

Let’s slice & dice the track listing, shall we?
1 New – HFA
1 New but previously leaked – DRA
4 Bonus track from TOSOD Asian Ed – EAM, LDH, NM & Wait
1 Bonus track from TOSOD JPN & UK Ed – NEBTD
3 OPM album – Tell Me, ING & Forevermore

Given that 80% of the album are tracks not released in the US, am taking this 6th studio album of David as (1) a way to reach out, specifically to US listeners – fans & non-fans alike, and (2) to keep his presence even in a small way in the music world.

Am I begrudging my disappointed co-Archies? No. Am just sad that they feel that way. My hope is that they are just a minority.

Now that the snippets of the new song has been released, can we expect the disenchanted to turn around or be turned off?

Will the album or any of its tracks have any bit of chance to make waves in the US? That is a very nice notion. Realistic? Probably not, given the state of the music industry that David left behind. But you never know…

For me, anything released by Team Archuleta during his supposed sabbatical is icing on the cake. And grateful for them.

But then again, to release NMHF through Entertainment One Music – “the #1 Independent Music Brand in North America” is a good sign that David intends to follow through with his promise to return to music.

It would be interesting to see in two years time, what David will find when he makes his comeback. More important is what David will bring in. Will the twain ever meet?

What do you think?

No Matter How Far – snippets & pre-order from iTunes for 9.99


~ JR


ps: Will be uploading the snippets, at least of the new song “Hearts Fall Out”