Popular TV personality Nancy O’Dell will countdown to the New Year as the host of FOX’s “New Year’s Eve Live,” featuring chart-topping musical guests.

“It’ll be the first New Year’s Eve that I’ve actually stayed awake in quite a while because I’ve always had to be up so early for the [Tournament of Roses] parade that I’ve hosted for the past 10 years,” Nancy tells ET at her photo shoot for the special.

Nancy will ring in the New Year from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas — and Times Square in New York City as the world-famous New Year’s Eve Ball makes its descent. Musical guests include former “American Idol” runner-up David Archuleta, Travie McCoy, pop/rock group Plain White T’s, dance crew Jabbawockeez, and will also feature the broadcast premiere of Mariah Carey’s music video of the New Year’s classic, “Auld Lang Syne,” from her new album, Merry Christmas II You.

“It feels really special to be ringing in 2011 because it seems like such a new road that I’m going down career-wise,” Nancy says. “It just feels like a new life, so to speak, because I’m doing all these new things.”

In addition to hosting “New Year’s Eve Live,” Nancy’s new things include starting her new gig as a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” on January 3 and fronting “Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star” on Oprah Winfrey’s new network, along with Carson Kressley.

With everything that is happening for Nancy, she says she will still make a New Year’s resolution, but it is the same one that she makes every year.

“Mine, and I think that it actually lends to a much more healthy life than going with some diet or something, is to say, ‘I’m going to look at everything as the glass half full, not half empty.’ So positivity is just something that I tell myself at the end of every year.”

“New Year’s Eve Live” airs Friday, Dec. 31 at 11 p.m. on FOX.


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“Everywhere I turn I see red lights flashing over my head; Oh no, oh no, oh no… HA!”
— Love that new expression! 🙂

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Biggest surprises of the night? Mariah Carey, for obvious reasons and David Archuleta who gave the best performance of the night.
— @KelvinRog (Kelvin Rogers)

@DavidArchie Awesome job last nite! I have no idea how you sounded that great and looked so comfy in the cold. Bravo!

While Avril Lavigne was rocking to her new single What The Hell at Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve, David Archuleta was jamming to two songs from his latest sophomore pop album The Other Side of Down which saw the youngster brave the cold and deliver two energetic performances of the title track and Elevator which you can check above and below respectively. One thing about Archuleta, is that he’s always a fantastic singer and this was no exception.
Music Review 10

David Archuleta took the stage on FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live to ring in 2011 with a pair of performances, including the title track, from his latest album The Other Side Of Down. David braved the cold & delivered two great vocal showings!
Bring the Beat Back

Travie McCoy and David Archuleta stole the show on Nancy O’Dell‘s NYE special. Stay tuned for Travie’s video. Until then, check out former American Idol contestant David Archuleta’s performance of “Elevator”.
92.3 Now

Friday night on one of the coldest New Year’s Eve on record, David Archuleta took to the microphone to perform ‘Elevator.’ The American Idol runner up was performing live for a medium size crowd in Las Vegas as well as a national audience watching on Fox.

The performance, perhaps not the best of Archuleta’s had to be hard to make perfect. Seeing how cold it was at the venue and having the audience continuously screaming over the entertainer had to a major distraction and little could be done by the entertainer.

As FOX is trying to compete with some of the bigger New Year’s Eve shows, they have a long way to go before anyone will be taking them seriously. As for David Archuleta, he is a casualty of bad stage issues that needed to be fixed before he hit the stage to perform.

Check out David Archuleta’s performance from Friday night on the video clip. It is a good song, good vocals but terrible equipment issues.

David Archuleta spent the last few minutes of 2010 on stage performing for a packed crowd of party people at Fox’s New Year’s Eve Live bash.

Archie took the stage to perform the title track from his sophomore album, The Other Side Of Down. It was great to see Archie up on his feet and having a total ball on stage.

David also got the chance to close out the evening with a performance of Elevators. There were some minor vocal hiccups here and there but let’s be honest, a “bad” performance from David still slays 95% of other artists on their best days.

I missed this one on New Year’s because I was watching ABC for their lineup, however one of my personal pop fave’s, David Archuleta, performed two songs from his latest album The Other Side of Down to help Fox ring in the New Year in Las Vegas. Unfortunately Archie is another underrated pop artist; his albums have both featured solid offerings in terms of radio-ready pop song construction. His choruses are as sweet as he is, and he could sell a record on his charm alone, though that voice is certainly a great bonus. David performed the title track, as well as ‘Elevator;’ I love both of these songs and David did really great, so check out the performances in case you missed them!
— Pop Boi

Being the nerd that I am, I DVR’d three different New Year’s Eve specials to make sure I didn’t miss any music performances, and a surprise favorite of mine was David Archuleta’s performance on FOX’s New Year’s Eve Live of “The Other Side of Down.”

It was the first time I had heard the song ever, and it’s pretty dang catchy! I really enjoyed watching Archie just own the stage. He has definitely come a long way since his Idol days. I definitely want to check out his live show the next time he rolls into town.
Wait…What? by Kirsten Coachman

David invited me to come to the original meeting he had with Mack Willberg back in October where they talked about Mack’s vision of the program, song selection, keys, etc. Unfortunately I was in Nashville that week Showcasing my daughter for some music industry people and labels and so I was not able to attend, but I told David I would be available for a conference call if he wanted to include me. I sent him a text that morning and told him I was available any time he wanted to call, but I didn’t ever receive a call so I assumed everything went alright. When I got back to Salt lake I contacted David and his dad to see how preparations were going and they seemed to feel that everything was going well so I didn’t worry about anything.

The next I heard was Saturday December 11th and David had just met with Mack Willberg to rehearse his songs for the first time. He came over to the studio and we worked for a couple of hours going through things. All David had received was sheet music and David does much better when he can listen to the song and learn it that way. I was surprised that David was only doing one song from his Christmas album and 5 new songs so it was a lot for him to learn. I was mostly happy with the song choices however, especially the Spanish song and the “Cat and Mouse Carol”. I thought those would both be great for the show. We made a rehearsal CD of the songs and went through them a few times. David then asked me to come to his rehearsal with Mack the next day.

We worked with Mack the next day. The choir and orchestra had already been rehearsing the material for a couple of weeks, Mack did give us permission to change some notes here and there to feature David’s voice and style. One change that we did insist on though was to do a different arrangement of the Spanish song since the one that was originally done was a slower version, more like a lullaby. The version David was familiar with was much faster and more fun, so we insisted we needed the more up tempo version, (Which incidentally in hindsight was definitely the right decision!) Incidentally, Mack was “blown away” with David’s progress between his first and second rehearsals and how quickly David picked up all the new material after being able to hear it and work with it rather than just having the sheet music!

David met with the choir and orchestra for the first time Tuesday evening December 14th. I was fortunate to be at his rehearsals both Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. I focused mostly on trying to get the sound of David’s microphone the way we wanted to make it warmer and richer and to make sure that the tempos were right. When you have several hundred people performing on a number the tempos tend to really drag. It was important to us to keep the tempos moving. And also in a hall that size the voice can become thin sounding and we wanted to make sure we got the richness of David’s voice. The new arrangement of the Spanish song wasn’t ready until Wednesday so the first time David got to rehearse that was Wednesday night.

I warmed David up by phone Thursday and Friday nights as I had other commitments, but I attended the performance Saturday night. It was stunning! I was extremely proud of David. Especially since there was a constant wave of people coming through wanting to meet David before the performances, even though he was trying to get ready and be prepared for such a big show! David was always very gracious and professional, and even had to deal with a few last minute concerns and changes. Although I was pleased with the whole show I felt that “Silent Night” was the highlight! His voice sounded so great and his emotion so heartfelt it was definitely a special moment. David was also himself, very natural and genuine; acknowledging his fans and waving to them which was fun.

At 7:45 Sunday morning my phone rang and we warmed David up for his Sunday broadcast. David’s voice sounds great on this type of material and I was pleased that people got to hear the richness, depth and control he has that you don’t get to hear as much when he sings his pop stuff. The Christmas songs were definitely good vehicles for him to show that really does have a wonderful voice with great control. power, emotion and dynamics.

I was extremely proud of David and very happy with the performances. He definitely won over the audience and the choir and proved he deserves to be recognized with the great vocalists and performers of our day!
– Dean Kaelin, thanks to Snarkies!