One of our loyal and beloved notingDavid regulars emailed me earlier today and gently suggested that I might turn my gaze to joy. Fair enough, I replied.

And so, to joy.

The joy of discovery in new music. One of the blessings in being a fan is that the surprise of new material is married to the warmth of familiarity. It’s like traveling to new and exotic locations with a lover. But the depth of David’s soul contains discoveries of its own, and nothing is perhaps more rewarding than noticing a special nuance or a shaded note, even after multiple plays, that you hadn’t noticed before. And suddenly all is deep and wide and reeling again as you marvel at the grand and glorious subtlety that David extracts from even the simplest phrase.

The joy of watching David’s joy. Even through all the impossible stops, the traveling, schedules, and faces, David not only endures through it all, he delights being put through his paces. Surely he knows that he’s living his dream, he is grateful, we know that, it shows. But David knows too that his public is part of it, they’re on the journey as well. His commitment to the grind is a selfless gesture, a gift he bestows to his fans. It’s thrilling, and he wants to share it.

The joy of soaking in David’s voice. Critics who listen are already groping for adjectives. Foggy. Velvet. Winsome. Melancholy. It cannot be reduced to words, of course. Neither can it even really be heard with the ears but indeed must be felt with the heart. It pierces, it soothes, it bundles and wraps. It soars and it slides and it whispers. There’s infinity in them thar notes.

The joy of sharing in David’s accomplishment.
That circular piece of polycarbonate plastic is not just the result of three crazy months of traveling and recording and selecting and agonizing, but indeed the result of a lifetime of preparation… Of daring to think, as he watched Les Miserables or listened to Mariah Carey, that it might be him; that he, too, might someday sing and that people might listen; that he might one day even dare to dream of joining the pantheon of performers who reach beyond the recordings and rest in people’s hearts.

He rests in ours. He is joy.