There are those of us who have been knocked sideways by the remarkable heart connection that David Archuleta creates with his music.  It might have been at “Imagine,” or at “Angels,” or at “Zero Gravity,” but David grabbed us and didn’t let go.

There are those of us who have visited YouTube obsessively, keeping up with every new song, every fan interaction, every new interview.  We have begun to think of David as a member of the family.

There are those of us who have had the opportunity to meet David, to talk with him and to feel the strength and serenity and compassion of the man in person.  His hold on us has grown even stronger.

Some of us were lucky enough to find an online group where we felt at home, and could share our passion for David.  We discovered the joy of of a community where we could write, discuss, analyze, and investigate. As an artist who reaches the very depths of the human experience, the range of topics is virtually infinite.

Welcome to all of you who have discovered this remarkable young man.

You’ve come to a place that celebrates the artistry and inspiration of David Archuleta, a place that focuses not so much on the latest morsel of news or the most recent photograph, but on an exploration — through analysis, discussion, poetry, art, and even criticism – of just what it is that is so unique and compelling about this young singer. You’ll find articles, images, videos, resources, and a lively, diverse, and perhaps occasionally irreverent community of pretty serious David fans.

THE DAVID CHRONICLES combines the strengths of two previous sites, notingDavid and justDavid.  The combination of these – one, a single-author blog, and the other, a community of writers — creates a unique and inviting place for those who want to explore just a little bit more about this remarkable artist, a young man with a voice that goes to the deepest levels of what music can do, connecting with our hearts and souls like few others can.

We are still a bit “under construction,” so please excuse the odd whiff of sawdust or the random splash of wet paint. We have lots planned that will be appearing over the next days and weeks, so stay tuned, tell your Archufriends, and most of all, enjoy.

Your hosts,

davidfanLIZ, Freo, happy, kizzi, marlie7, Rascal, and TOfan