freopixNote: Freofan’s feature below is part of a two-part series on our relationships with each other as David fans. Freofan and Mikesd’s posts each have a different take on fan relationships, but both features invite us to think about how and why these relationships are meaningful to us.

I sincerely enjoy the convergence of so many fans from different backgrounds and ages on The David Chronicles. Our differences on TDC lead to frequent thoughtful discussions and sometimes heated debate, as this last week in David fandom attests. We are like a family, with caring, quirkiness, disagreement, and humor all rolled up together.

One quality, though, that I especially treasure about this site is that a good number of posters are matured fans (for lack of a better word), who have full-time jobs, families, and other pressing adult responsibilities. Because of these responsibilities, I am similar to many other TDC posters in that my fan adventures are very different than my working or other leisure activities. However, the David activities are a fun break. My working life requires so much abstract thinking that the fan activities, along with other hobbies such as exercise, give me a needed mental balance.

If someone were to ask me what joys I most receive from following David’s young career, I would honestly respond that much of the enjoyment comes from my friendships with other fans. I am continually amazed how many new people I have met since July 2008. Some meetings have developed into great friendships.

davidandfansI reflected on these new-found relationships last Friday during my train trips to and from Chicago. Last Friday, I waited with several other fans outside the backstage area of Chicago’s All-State Arena. The evening was strikingly similar to another adventure a year ago. Almost to the day in 2008, I waited alongside the buses with another fan in Indianapolis during the American Idols summer tour. Over the next month I will travel with other fans to several more concerts.

I firmly believe that ‘place’ is an important part of any community. These diverse places are sites of connection with other fans, whose support and enthusiasm form part of our joy in following David. My new fan friendships have certainly taken me to unexpected places. Over the past year I’ve had conversations with other fans at a Jingle Bash concert, small venues in Milwaukee and Wisconsin, coffee shops and hotel lobbies, and backstage areas.

I’ve been in some hilarious places, too. In a daring moment earlier this year, I walked around a venue’s basement area trying closed doors in hopes of finding the loading dock. As a friend asked me, “What would you have done if you had run into David?” Probably felt a little silly, but with a colorful story I could never share without belly-busting laughter. I am sure that many fellow readers can relate to this situation.

I eagerly anticipate two more concerts during the next month. As I plan these trips, I know that seeing so many familiar faces at each venue will powerfully remind me how the music and fan friendships truly go hand-in-hand. As this last week affirmed, different fans and even fan sites do not always see eye-to-eye, but we are united in our commitment to David’s success.

I would love to hear what instances in your fan friendships have been most meaningful to you. Like me, your recollections may range from in-depth conversations to sheer hilarity. What have been your moments of connection with other fans?

I will start by sharing several moments of my own. I will always treasure first getting to know Joner (a fellow TDC poster) through a fan luncheon we hosted back in December in Chicago. We supported each other through the disappointment of not being able to meet David privately backstage after we got caught in traffic. Also, the videos below from last summer’s Idol stop in Indianapolis capture moments of new-found friendship with another fellow fan with whom I am still in touch.

David walking over to us at the end (my friend and I laughed hysterically after I dropped the camera): target=”_blank”>
David high-five: