5740_720201004345_9427041_42111414_1724525_n_21I am a life long Yankee fan. I bleed Yankee blue. Go Yanks!….(You are on the wrong blog happy, this is a David Archuleta blog….) OK, I’ll get right to the connection. 

The Yankees have a closer by the name of Mariano Rivera. It is widely recognized that the Yankee franchise owes a considerable chunk of its success from 1995 to the present to this closer. He is regarded as the best there ever was. His records speak for themselves…most career saves, lowest ERA among relievers, lowest post season ERA, on and on. In the last 4 years he is 132-4 in save situations.  One blown save a year. I figure he might even do it on purpose just to confirm his humanity. In the prime of his prime he was absolutely unhittable,  from 1998 to 2000 he pitched 34 1/3 consecutive scoreless innings in the postseason. His dominance is legendary. 

Just as remarkable though as his pitching stats is his longevity. Mariano throws primarily one pitch, the cutter…a fast ball. His career could have lasted maybe 3-5 years before his arm was mush, his dominance waning.  But he and  Yankee fans were blessed with wise and restrained management that knew what they had. They protected their miracle with a fierce loyalty. His brilliance was never squandered; his performances never taken for granted; he was never overused. Whatever they did,  they did right, and we’ve all been rewarded with an exceptionally long career. He has the longest active tenure for a closer by more than six years and his 15-year (and still going strong) career with the Yankees is the longest of any active pitcher. 

I do hope that David and his management take a page from Mariano’s book and find the balance between nurturing his career (he needs to perform and produce to have a career) and nurturing the Voice that is the gift that provides the career. Go Yanks. Go Mo. Go Big D. And play for the long haul.


PS- Can’t I blog once in a while about the Yankees? We don’t have to be music purists, do we?   🙂