openmicHas anyone else downloaded Davidʼs new Christmas “app??” Well, let me tell you, itʼs a lot of fun! The basic premise is that there are five Christmas songs. Your goal is to sing along and try to be in tune, on pitch and in sync with the Voice. Once you choose your song and your level of difficulty, you hit “sing” and off you go. The lyrics scroll by along with the pitch lines, kind of like a ticker tape and a morse code line combined. It really lets you see how long David sustains some of his notes! An arrow follows your voice and shows you how your pitch follows his. Additionally, your score is shown racking up points as you sing. No singing…no points!

After the song is over, you can compare your score to national scores and even compare to your region. The phone uses your location to compare your score to others around you. I have only done one song and my score is weak compared to the nationals but much higher than the locals. Hmmm…gotta work on that. If you choose a higher level of difficulty little things happen, like Davidʼs voice suddenly disappearing so that you are on your own! Shake your iPhone and snowflakes appear! (In the phone, not outside…haha!)

appsingThe best part… the video instruction by Mr. Archuleta himself!! I could watch videos of him instructing on vocal technique for days….!! He gives a brief “how to” for the game and then goes into a few vocal tips. Just that little snippet of him and his technique makes you crave more of him talking about singing! For anyone in to singing, this is a very fun and ingenious concept. I hope he comes out with more versions targeting hisother works… both holiday and non holiday. Now if only David would start doing personal vocal coaching in his spare time… He doesnʼt need to sleep does he??

Go on line and buy the David app! Youʼll love it!