David performed at Queen’s Creek Performing Art’s Center continuing his round of western performances (yes, we are hoping to see an Eastern venue some time this year!) Cover photo credit to ShelleyFOD

The Setlist:

Setlist 3-25


Somewhere Only We Know thanks to 8throwcenter

Somewhere Only We Know thanks to ShelleyFOD

Don’t Run Away thanks to FD1099

Tarzan Medley thanks to YouCanCallMeTina

My Kind of Perfect thanks to 8throwcenter

Beautiful thanks to ShelleyFOD

Beautiful thanks to YouCanCallMeTina

Throwback Medley thanks to YouCanCallMeTina

7 Years thanks to ShelleyFOD

Pride thanks to ShelleyFOD

Nunca Pense thanks to YouCanCallMeTina


Nunca Pense thanks to ShelleyFOD

Glorious thanks to YouCanCallMeTina

Glorious thanks to ShelleyFOD

Miscellaneous Clips thanks to Aaron Sumayan