David Archuleta w/ 97.1 ZHT’s Patio Party @ Noah’s Event Center, South Jordan, UT


01 Something ‘Bout Love
02 Things Are Gonna Get Better
03 Elevator
04 Crush
Plus: Promo Vid
Plus: M&G Vids
Plus: Photos

01 SBL, 02 TAGGB & 04 CRUSH thanks to ClearChannel 97.1FM

01 SBL thanks to 15263457689

01 SBL w/ Intro thanks to rhed31

01 SBL p1 thanks to pattycake04

01 SBL p2 thanks to pattycake04

02 TAGGB thanks to 15263457689

02 TAGGB thanks to pattycake04

03 ELEVATOR thanks to 15263457689

03 ELEVATOR thanks to pattycake04

04 CRUSH thanks to 15263457689

04 CRUSH thanks to pattycake04


Promo Vid by ClearChannel 97.1FM thanks to dg

David Talking to Fans thanks to pattycake04

David Talking while waiting for TAGGB set-up

David Singing Happy Bday to Audience thanks to rhed31


01 97.1 ZHT’s Gallery