The past several weeks and the coming month may well be remembered in the coming years as milestones in David’s young career. During this period, he embarked on the first of perhaps many professional trips abroad, including his first trip to Asia and his first concert tour of the U.K.

It is known that David made the Asian promotional trip without a guardian, encountering new cultures on his own for perhaps the first time. Fans in his home country watched via the Internet as David embraced the outpouring of support from his Asian fans, graciously moving between diverse situations and people, soaking up experiences and learning more about the world.

David will visit the U.K. for the first time in the coming weeks. Some fans have expressed apprehension about David’s pairing with the band McFly. Certainly, McFly is known for their rather boisterous stage antics, but just as importantly, they are a talented and popular pop band. Playing the U.K. with a young, popular and experienced band will be an invaluable musical and cultural experience for David. McFly has the edginess (street cred, if you will) that will benefit David’s image over the long term.

I believe that part of David’s growth as a serious artist will involve experiencing and even embracing some aspects of culture that are different from those of his background. As David experiences different cultures and traditions, he will have access to an ever-widening source of the human experience as he continues to develop his natural, expressive passion in his music. We can already see this clearly in his performances, when he allows the music to flow freely both vocally and physically.

During his travels back to the States, David made a vlog in a long airport hallway, where he described the wonders and joys of his first trip to Asia.He returns a maturing young adult after his first solo outing.

In small but steady steps, we are seeing David gain confidence, embrace his independence and move closer to the edge of tomorrow: David is getting ready to fly.