Spring is upon us.

Life. Death. Rebirth.

From the smallest cell to the largest star, the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth is repeated. The rising of the sun at dawn, the blazing heat of midday, the setting sun … everything must die to rise again.

This cycle is part of the continuous process of change; the ebb and flow of both the material and the spiritual world. Rebirth is recurrent in the teachings of the major religions, and in science, philosophy, mythology, nature … and music.

Many of us have experienced rebirth in our own lives, both with and without music. But many of us here are united in a large part due to a musical rebirth. The instrument? The voice of David Archuleta.

Through David’s music, some have been reborn to the joys and power of music. A power that soothes babies, satisfies passions, inspires armies; offers catharsis, triggers memories; rekindles loves, offers peace and joy; and improves the quality of our lives. Music has the power to draw us into the present or to relive the past; it makes us feel connected. Music provides the harmonies of the senses that lead to the harmonies of the soul.

For some, the connections and harmonies found in David’s music spark a reawakening to old favorites … music of times past and the memories that live there. This is a voice that reminds us of what we have forgotten; it breathes new life into our hearts. To revisit our youth we call to mind our old 45s and LPs. We find that our rebirth leads us to reacquire these dusty gems via iTunes or by downloading mp3s and mp4s. We have been revived by the treasure trove that is YouTube.

hiseyes3Still others have experienced renewal through a reintroduction to pop music. A music they were either never fond of or had long since given up on. Some haven’t listened to pop music in decades, or were always more Bob Dylan groupies or the Bach and Beethoven crowd. But extraordinary music cuts through genres, and David’s voice is extraordinary. This is a voice that makes us hear music as if for the first time; it awakens our hearts. We float on the river of melody, and hear the words as if they are sung only to us.

The recording industry will hopefully find itself refreshed by the rebirth in music that David Archuleta’s artistry represents; a return to musicianship, to technique; a return to restraint; a return to beauty in mainstream music.

As a community we are fortunate to be standing not toward the end of the continuum but at the beginning. The music of David Archuleta has been an instrument of our rebirth and for this, we listen with grateful hearts.


~ happy