This is the most excited I’ve been about an Archuperformance since Contigo en la Distancia.

We already know that David’s reiteration of Imagine will be transcendent, and that David will bring to this cheesy reality show a good dose of his old-school, heart-stirring soul.

And we can already predict some of the buzz that will come in its wake. Singing the very song that catapulted him into international consciousness just over 2 years ago will invite the inevitable comparisons. Unless he gets the being-on-AI jitters again (which I doubt—Imagine is one of those songs David loves and was made for singing), David should succeed at demonstrating his growing significance as an artist. The vast majority of the AI viewing audience has not seen what we have seen: David’s tremendous growth in stage presence, command, and vocal depth and power over the past couple of years.

Of course, this is not about silly comparisons and petty debates. This is an opportunity to appreciate the purity and beauty of this anthemic song in David’s masterful hands once again. And it is also an opportunity to celebrate another milestone in the growth of a young artist into manhood. Something is telling me that this is a fitting occasion to bring out the champagne glasses, as well as the kleenex.

(Anybody else excited?)

– Ronaldsf