In my own words..Reno, etc. I often wonder what I’m doing & why. Then I realize I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else at this time in my life. Besides bringing me joy, excitement and wondrous music with his exquisite voice, I have formed many friendships, some of which will be lifelong friendships. It’s the bond we share, the love for David. This special human being, the enigma that is David James Archuleta. I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

Reno.. where shall I start? The Grand Sierra Resort Hotel is a beautiful, huge, sprawling place. Walking into the hotel, I was thinking of David’s future, when he could, if he so chooses, perform in any of the grand hotel showrooms in Vegas, or anywhere in the world someday soon. After checking in, my sis & I walked around the casino and David’s photo was everywhere you looked. Many of the people who worked there did not know who David Archuleta was. I thought..You will after tomorrow night!

The next day, I went down at around 9 AM, figuring a line would already be forming..and of course there were about 20 people already there, not in front of the Theater though. Because of the minors, they had roped off an area close to the corner entrance of the building. By mid afternoon, the lined extended outside and around the building. I met & talked with many fans from all over the U.S. and the world. The love for David in that huge casino was overwhelming. The anticipation and excitement of seeing our Idol perform was palpable. Fans of all ages talking about our favorite subject, David and his music, yet not being able to explain our complete devotion to this 18 year old, but knowing we were compelled to follow him wherever he appeared. I had a great time meeting so many people, putting the faces to the blog names. No one seemed to have trouble guessing who I was…and I just can’t understand why? I did a lot of PR for justDavid. I think we will have a lot of new lurkers and maybe even new posters!

Finally, the time came…the security guards ushered us to the doors of the theater and like a stampede of cattle, the fans rushed into the theater, running every which way, some to the seats, but most to the “pit”. I foolishly went to the pit with my lovely new friend, Lily. My sis, the “smart one” in my family, went to a table with a great view of the stage. Actually there were no bad seats in the 2000 seat theater. The The Grand Theater is a beautiful venue fit for a Star. Lily & I are both shortys, but we had a pretty good view. I just knew we would get moshed & squished when David came out. We would just have to hold our ground, and we did, right in front of David’s keyboard. The huge stage which would have engulfed a lesser artist, had David shining with a backdrop of twinkling starlights. When the lights dimmed and the intro started, you could feel the electricity in the room. The screams were deafening. David made his entrance like the star he is fast becoming. David, the brightest Star in front of a wonderwall of twinkling stars, was center stage, bigger than life.

I noticed David looked a little tired. But even so, David’s performance was electric. The energy in the showroom, could have supplied all the energy needed to light up all of Reno! I can’t quite believe I’m here witnessing this once in a lifetime experience.. I can’t quite believe I’m in the mosh pit! What was I thinking? David is wearing dark fitted jeans, black or grey sneakers, a grey hoodie over a Tee that at first glance looked like a sweater vest & tie, but was a graphic tee. Hair perfect, face perfect, smile perfect. The Voice is perfect. My eyes are fixated on David. I am directly in front of David’s keyboard, two young girls in front of me. I am incognito….I’m wearing a baseball cap, black with itty bitty sequins which I bought in one of the shops in the casino. Incognito? Again, what was I thinking?

David goes through each song with the ease of a seasoned performer. His ballads SOT, YC, are sublime and he has the audience in the palms of his hands. The up tempo songs are energetic, but less so than at some of the previous venues.. Still, he is having a good time. (I noticed he looks up in the audience a lot during the concert. I found out later Lupe was in the audience so obviously, David was singing to his mom). He is leading his audience and we follow wherever he wants to take us. The medley of the cover songs was superb, better than the originals as only David can do. We’re enraptured. By the time he gets to ZG, we are putty. After ZG, we are his slaves. I am his slave! I can’t take my eyes off him, even while I’m holding ground as those behind me are pushing & shoving, trying to get closer to the master, the Magic Man. Then the end came too soon, and we were “Crushed”. David came out for his encore, and he’s right in front of Lily & I! The light emanating from his beautiful face is indescribable. ATM, unbelievable! Then he sings to the Angels. At least that’s what it looked like to me. He goes somewhere else, he’s no longer here with us, his face is serene, like he can see the angels he’s singing to. His face looks pure, clean, though he’s glistening with sweat, he has a glow, an aura around him. Watching him sing Angels I know we really are in the presence of future greatness.

And I feel a profound sadness. Have you ever felt extreme joy and sadness at the same time? It hurts. The pain I was feeling was real. I knew as I watched David that we, his fans who love him, who want only the best for him, are slowly “losing” him. I don’t think it’s something David wants, but it’s beyond his control. He wants so much to share himself and his music with the world, but the irony is in sharing his gift, he will become inaccessible to the very people he wants to share his gift with. It’s already begun, the inaccessibility. I understand he must be protected, but it pains me that he’s being protected from us. That there are only a select few fans who will be able to even speak with him. I know he doesn’t want this. Otherwise he would not have come out after some of his concerts, when he saw his fans waiting for him and would not leave. In Reno, he didn’t have to come out. He could have let Ray and the venue security handle the fans but he didn’t. He came out and made his fans so happy! I could see as he came quickly down the line, he was loving the closeness with his fans, even though it was a few seconds with each one, with no touching allowed. How difficult it is to be so close you can almost smell him, but can’t touch him? With me, it was maybe 60 seconds, and he did hold my hand. Does he know what those few seconds mean to us? How we constantly think about what he said to us, how he looked when he said it? Those few seconds seared in our memories? Now it’s a few seconds. Soon, as his star rises, he will be more & more isolated. We will have no personal contact at all. But I understand..I do. And it makes me very sad and why I am so grateful for his band members. They take the place of David after the concert meet & greets. Mike, Alex, Eli and Kendra are doing a super job, not only on stage, but off as well. They love the fans and the fans love them. I hope they will have a lifetime professional relationship with David. It’s obvious they love being on the stage with David and it’s obvious the feeling by David is mutual. We were able to spend several minutes with all four after the concert. They are all very talented in their own right. I have to make an additional comment about Mike Krompass. He is very aware of everything around him. I once said that David sees lyrics all around him and I believe Mike has that same quality. I’m looking forward to more & more song collaborations by David & Mike.

My trip home was long and I had a long time to think about this particular time in our journey with David. I was thinking how quickly the last year went by, and I was wishing it was possible to turn back time. Back to when we first saw David on AI. It was the start of a magical time, the start of a wondrous journey. The journey goes on. The culmination of this chapter of our journey with David will be the Finale of his solo tour in SLC. A new chapter begins with the UK tour. I believe when David comes home from the UK, David will no longer be “ours”. He will belong to the world. His destiny is being fulfilled. silverfox