The Grand Sierra Theater

The Grand Sierra Theater

Touch My Hand (thanks to Starrynights01)

Touch My Hand (thanks to brett337)

Touch My Hand – upclose & personal (thanks to PuppiePuddle)

Barriers (thanks to Starrynights01)

Barriers (thanks to brett337)

Barriers (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

ALTNOY – upclose & personal (thanks to PuppiePuddle)

ALTNOY (thanks to brett337)

Somebody Out There – upclose & personal (thanks to PuppiePuddle)

Somebody Out There (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

My Hands (thanks to brett337)

My Hands – close-up (thanks to brandy811)

Works for Me (thanks to daviddailycom)

Works for Me – HAWTEST VERSION! Don’t miss the 1st 30 secs! (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

Waiting for Yesterday (thanks to CynCity009)

Waiting for Yesterday (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

MEDLEY (thanks to CynCity009)

One, Gotta Be, Love Song (thanks to brett337)

I’m Yours (thanks to brett337)

To Be With You- upclose & personal (thanks to PuppiePaddle)

To Be With You (thanks to heyishmae)

Como La Flor (thanks to PuppiePaddle)

Como La Flor (thanks to brett337)

Zero Gravity (thanks to brandy881)

Zero Gravity (thanks to brett337)

Don’t Let Go (thanks to brett337)

Don’t Let Go (thanks to PuppiePaddle)

You Can (thanks to fanatic013)

Crush (thanks tobrett337)

Crush (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

A Thousand Miles & Angels (thanks to SnarkyMawg)

A Thousand Miles (thanks to PuppiePaddle)

Angels (thanks to PuppiePaddle)