If I were a betting man, I’d wager that this soon-to-be-released cut is already on repeat on David’s iPhone:

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I couldn’t presume to write about Mariah when my ex is almost as obsessed with her as we are with David, so I’ll re-post here what he says on his blog about this one:

Better than methadone

Mariah’s new single is officially leaked, it is a remake of Foreigner’s “I Want To Know What Love Is,” and it is the good stuff! It a hot-black-girl remake of a great classic song. This is what Mariah was meant to do, sing the hell out of a well-written song and over-saturate it with the magic of her vocal arrangements. It comes replete with a choir, key change, and plenty of dolphin notes. Pure magic.

My only issue is during the fade out when she says “let’s talk about love.” Not only is it the name of a Celine Dion song, it’s just one of those lines that is like, really? I know it’s in the original, but it’s hokey. All those other words available to use in the English language and she kept that one line. Still, 9.9/10!

“I’m still so inspired by that looney bitch,” he writes to me in his email about the song. Ha!

And I’m so inspired by the idea of David following in one of his own idol’s footsteps and creating hits with magnificent ArchuInterpretations of great pop ballads.

It’s a totally different style than Mariah’s retro power ballad, and David is a bit too young and inexperienced just now for this one, but, wow — I can’t wait to see him kickin’ this out at a grand piano someday…

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Or to really get the chills going, imagine David taking on some of the Jimmy Webb catalog. Like this one, for instance:

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— Rascal