Photo credit: Look to the Stars: The World of Celebrity Giving


01 Angels
02 Crush
03 Somebody Out THere


01 ANGELS complete thanks to dougamigo

01 Angels w/ Intro Spiel thanks to aura3000

02 CRUSH complete thanks to dougamigo

02 Crush thanks to aura3000

03 SOT complete thanks to dougamigo

03 SOT (partial) thanks to aura3000

DA being adorable cr aura3000


01 Rene C’s photobucket
02 Chris in India on David Archuleta
03 Aishwarya Rajamohan’s Facebook Photos of RSO Event
04 PezzyPortz Twitpic
05 Pix from DBB like the ones below 🙂

David’s trip to India in pictures cr pabuckie

And just to give this a permanent place – SOT by RSO