Touch My Hand (thanks to splpduff )

BARRIERS (thanks to rosepetal0723)

ALTNOY (thanks to rosepetal0723)

ALTNOY (thanks to sammiiiam )

Somebody Out There (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Somebody Out There (thanks to southerngirl1982)

Somebody Out There (thanks to hazeleyd)

My Hands (thanks to rosepetal0723)

My Hands (thanks to jazzyf11)

My Hands (thanks to Diana20088 )

Works For Me! (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Works for Me! (thanks to kmeier9)

Waiting for Yesterday (thanks to jazzyf11)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie (thanks to MyNameIsSamii)

MEDLEY (thanks to rosepetal0723)

MEDLEY part1 (thanks to MyNameIsSamii)

MEDLEY part2 (thanks to MyNameIsSamii)

Love Song and I’m Yours (thanks to singerzluv)

I’m Yours (thanks to sammiiiam )

To Be With You & Como La Flor (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Como La Flor (thanks to iheartarchuleta415)

Como La Flor (thanks to singerzluv)

Como La Flor (thanks to ericcray)

Como La Flor (thanks to jazzyf11)

Don’t Let Go (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Zero Gravity (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Zero Gravity (thanks to triciaintexas)

You Can (thanks to rosepetal0723)

You Can (thanks to diana20088 )

Crush (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Crush (thanks to sammiiiam )

Crush (thanks to diaselmo )

A Thousand Miles (thanks to rosepetal0723)

A Thousand Miles (thanks to lorrena04 )

Angels (thanks to rosepetal0723)

Angels (thanks to jresendez78)

Angels (thanks to diana20088 )