"Hello, gorgeous."

"Hello, gorgeous."

David, Schmavid, let’s talk about us!

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind some of the imaginative screen names that pop up on The David Chronicles? I have. And while some names are fairly easy to figure out (silverfox, for example, is both silvery and foxy, as her former avi attests). Others? Not so much.

So here is a sampling of several TDC screen names and the stories of how each one came about. Care to share your own?

I play Everquest (an online role playing game) and my magician character’s name is Abrra Kadabrra. She is a powerful Grand Summoner! I gave her a name fitting for one who can do magical things.

Simply for me, I was “awestruck” when I first heard David sing “Shop Around.”

“Esperda” came from my middle name, “Esperanza.” So “esper” plus “da” for “david archuleta. “Esperanza” means hope.

Music makes me happy, especially David’s … that was really all there was to it.

“Hello, gorgeous,” was what I said the first time I saw David sing “Heaven.” His beauty astounded me; I wanted to mimic Barbra Streisand. The greeting stuck with me as I followed David on his American Idol run. Although it’s actually from Funny Girl, The Way We Were came to mind first, because I love that scene when she looks into Robert Redford’s gorgeous face.

“Joner” is really a combination of my real name (Joni) and the nickname my sister had for me when I was younger (Bone). I thought “Joner” would look better than “Boner,” if you know what I mean, LOL.

“Joymus” simply reflects the JOY I receive from hearing and performing any type of excellent MUSic. My occupation is a teacher, but I am also classical vocalist.

I used to post as “dazdnconfuzd,” because that was how I felt when the whole David Archuleta Tidal Wave first hit me. (I’m also a Led Zeppelin fan.) Thanks to the eloquent writings of many other posters who were able to express what was happening to them, I felt much more comfortable with my euphoric state. I decided to choose a more fitting name. I really identified with “rapture” as defined by “the carrying of a person to another place or sphere of existence.”

Years ago, I spent several years working for my dad in his small office in New Jersey. He had a young woman working for him who was my age, very attractive, and a little competitive. We had a spirited and cheerful rivalry, and at one point she took to occasionally calling me Rascal (my name being Russell). When I first started exploring the world of the Internet and the demand for nicknames arose, that’s the one that popped into my head.

Immediately after David’s performance of “Imagine,” I casually asked my kids, “So how does this YouTube thing work?” From there, I discovered notingDavid and when asked for a screen name, all I could think of was my husband’s initials (REF) and my own (NAF). Little did I know that this would become my “name.” All these months later, and after having to introduce myself as “refnaf” at some fan functions, I’ve grown to like it! A ref by any other name, haha.

River came from River Phoenix — I thought it sad he was gone so young and thus he’s remembered.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring," Johannes Vermeer, 1665.

"Girl with a Pearl Earring," Johannes Vermeer, 1665.

I never posted comments before I got involved in the David Archuleta world in the cyberspace/blogosphere, so I never had to come up with a screen name. It didn’t occur to me that fans conventionally named themselves something that contained a David reference. Art is my love. Much as I love this truly amazing 17th century Dutch artist, I am actually partial to abstract art.

I do not own a television. Was on vacation. Happened to watch an episode of American Idol. My first one ever. Scout’s honor! David sang “Shop Around.” My reaction was exactly what David described after seeing the Tamyra Gray performance that changed his path. It was a private, dare I say intimate, moment for me. I watched the performance online (with judges’ comments) at least 100 times. When the fog lifted, what remained was but a clinically ODD shell of my former self. I still get all shakey just thinkin’ about it.


* I chose TOfan because I’m a fan from Toronto (aka T.O.) — not, as some have suggested, a fan of tofu.